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by Alice Roberts

All parents want to keep their newborn close enough during bedtime yet not in bed due to safety reasons for the delicate nature of infants. A bassinet in this case is convenient as it enables you to enjoy sleeping right next to your baby and keep an eye on him/her throughout the night. It also saves the hassle of looking for extra space to fit a crib since bassinets occupy very little space and can be moved to sit just next to the bed of the parents. Bassinets are also convenient for little ones since they can get to sleep any time of the day and still be close to the mom as they carry on their day to day activities since unlike a bed or a crib, bassinets are mobile. Over-all, bassinets are the most convenient sleepers for both the parents and the infant until a specific age, normally around 4 to 5 months after which they can be transitioned to cribs when they’re big enough to sleep on their own
Below are the best baby bassinets which have been specifically and carefully chosen for new parents to choose from in 2019, with modern improvements and that meet all infant safety requirements:
1. Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet, Natural
The Arms Reach Co-sleeper is major convenient sleeping space for any infant.
The bassinets most admirable feature is its big enough storage compartment beneath it where
the child’s most important items can be stored for easy access.
can have it as a sleeper free standing and it contains wheels which make it easier to move
it from one room to another with your child lying on it or you can attach the bassinet to your
bed when you need to, mainly through the night.
Its weight limit is 23 pounds after which you can transition your baby to a crib or another
sleeping option.
The bassinet comes with a sheet, a mattress which is nice and form and a travel bag.
It’s quite easy to assemble and collapse, in a matter of seconds.
The innovative design also makes breastfeeding easy and allows you to sleep next to your
baby as soon as the first day they come home.
2. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Falling Leaves
This bassinet is a perfect fit into any nursery and suits all kinds of themes.
The most unique feature on it is that it fitted with a nightlight and soothing music to soothe and calm your baby
It has an adjustable removable canopy that helps prevent excessive light that would distract the baby thus giving the baby a perfect, peaceful sleeping environment.
Has a two-section storage compartment below it for storage of essentials.
Its weight limit is 15lbs.
The bassinet is equipped with locking wheels for easy wheeling from room to room hence its mobility makes it a plus
This is a perfect choice for parents who want something simple, functional, affordable, cute and gives peace after putting your baby to sleep.
It’s quite easy to assemble and comes with simple instructions for assembling.
The bassinet also comes with its own set of sheets which you can also change to suit your lik-ing.

3. Dream on Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet
So much goodness is featured on this bassinet which makes it even more likeable and conven-ient
It’s a spacious bassinet that gives enough room for your baby to stretch her arms and legs for relaxation.
It comes with a full canopy adjustable for use as a mosquito netting which also prevents any insects or animals like cats from disturbing the baby while in it. You can also roll it all over to give lighting to your baby if they’re not sleeping but just resting in it.
The basinet transforms into a rocking cradle by rotating wheels in upward position. Who wouldn’t want a bassinet that acts as both bassinet and a cradle?
It has hooded locking wheels for easy mobility around the house
The bassinet is sturdy enough to hold the baby safely and putting them to sleep will give you no worries
It also has a sizeable storage basket underneath.

4. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet
This beautiful looking, cuddly bassinet is made from polyester foam fabric which is really soft and warm for the baby’s use.
Its colors are so gorgeous and give a bright look to the nursery and at the same time really soothing and restful.
The bassinet is easily collapsible in seconds and is very light. This makes it quite easy to carry around literally anywhere and you can comfortably travel with it wherever.
The mesh sides on the bassinet provide for sufficient air flow in and out of the bassinet hence its breathable and also, you can be in a position to have a look at your baby at whichever angle or position you are in the room.
The sipper hood in top of the bassinets will give parents additional peace since the baby is pro-tected form bugs and small animals while sleeping
Like most bassinets, this bassinet also has a storage compartment beneath.

5. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, Windmill
An ideal bassinet for a newborn! This sleeper has so many features for soothing your baby and also stimulating the baby’s senses.
The gentle swaying motion assures the baby that someone is with them and soothes them to stay silent and fall asleep peacefully. It has an optional lockout to minimize swaying when its unnecessary.
The 30mintues activatable relaxing vibrations, music and sounds add some extra serenity to the ambiance and keep your baby comforted so you don’t have to hold the baby and soother them yourself.
It has a convenient night light setting for an added sense of security.
Age grade is use only with a child who is unable to push up on hands and knees pull up or sit unassisted.
The mesh sides are a plus when it comes to breathability.
The mobile is designed to easily move to the left or right when placing baby in the bassinet

6. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason, One Size
The Graco Dream Suite is a two in one product with a changing table under the sleeping sur-face. Besides being a sleeper, the bassinet is also a changer when you flip the sleeping area up-side down. The flip is done with a handle at the foot of the bed and moves smoothly without much effort.
This product is small and light with four locking wheels. These features make it very easy to move from room to room and potentially up and down stairs.
The large storage basket keeps baby’s essentials close by and the wheels make the bassinet easy to move to keep baby close by.
This cozy bassinet soothes baby with 2-speed vibration, allows air flow and visibility with mesh sides, blocks light with the canopy, and entertains with soft toys.
Generally, this bassinet is suitable when space is a minimum as it saves on space too.

7. Delta Children Deluxe Moses Bassinet, Windmill
This bassinet is a uniquely designed two in one sleeper where the Portable Moses basket can be separately used on own or can securely be attached to the bassinet stand for a stationary bassi-net, either way you wish to use it.
The sound, light and visual features contained in the bassinet (which include soothing sounds, soft glow nightlight and the wiggling toys attached to the canopy) will promote the baby’s senses and will help soothe the baby when they wake up at any time or right before they sleep, giving them a sense of security and comfort too.
The adjustable canopy aids in blocking excessive light during day naps. It also adds some secu-rity from bugs and small animals for the baby to sleep peacefully without disturbance.
The bassinet features convenient storage underneath to store baby essentials
Easy to assemble and the basket is easy to detach from the stand making it easier to move around from one room to the other and its wheels are also easy rolling.

8. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet, Berry
Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet is a lightweight lean modern design which adds a contemporary style that fits any décor.
Has meshed sides that enable ventilation and easy visibility
The basinet is easy to assemble and light to carry around when travelling.
Its spacious nature is a plus since the baby can actually sleep on it even when they get bigger or taller quickly.
It folds so easily and the compact fold fits easily in the included carrying bag, so you can take it literally anywhere.
It sets up in seconds thanks to the convenient snap-on legs and one-piece top structure
This bassinet comes with a removable mattress pad for baby’s comfort for nap time or plays time.
The traveler bassinet will keep you and your baby travel-ready any day, any time.

9. Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet, Grey Mist
The Chico LullaGo Portable Bassinet provides baby with a soft and comfortable place to sleep at any time: at home, on vacation, or visiting family.
Compared to most bassinets even those listed herein, it is by far one of the easiest bassinet to set up and also to collapse.
Its portable, lightweight and easy to collapse and fold nature makes it most convenient for trav-elling and moving from one place or room to another.
The mesh panels on each side of it makes it breathable for the baby and enhances easy visibility for the parents.
Though the bassinet has no storage compartment like most bassinets, it has a very sizable travel bad that it comes with in which the baby’s essentials like oils, changing cloths, wipes and dia-pers can be parked.
The sleeping space in this bassinet is big enough, actually bigger than most others for baby’s comfortability.

10. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper, Essentia Series, Modern Lattice
This bassinet is a swivel sleeper and is one of the few on the market that rotates a full 360 de-grees, offering ultimate convenience in getting in and out of bed and safety for the baby.
It has a unique design which lets you see your baby at eye level, making it easier for you to soothe your little one quickly and also watch on her as you carry on your normal house activi-ties.
The bassinet features a mesh wall all round that provides optimum breathability and ventilation within the bassinet.
Its base is very stable and the height of the bassinet can be adjusted easily to the level of your bed at night making nursing easier.
For a mom recovering from c-section, its really convenient and comforting to know that she can easily reach over and bring the bassinet closer to her whenever she wants at the comfort of her bed and nurse without struggle


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• Mobility and portability
Unlike cribs, bassinets are mostly portable, light and generally mobile. This means that the ba-by can sleep right next to the parents since the bassinet can be positioned as close to the bed as the parents want to. The baby can also sleep anytime of the day in their bassinets anywhere around the house as the mum carries on with her chores since it can be moved from room to room.

• Cribs occupy a smaller space.
Compared to cribs, bassinets are by far smaller in size and hence occupy a smaller space in whichever room you place them

• One of the drawbacks of bassinets is that they’re only intended for the first 4 to 6 months of your baby’s life which is such a short period of time. In fact, after a certain amount of time, a bassinet can become unsafe.
• The fact that they’re designed to be used for a short period of time means they’re not econom-ical if you’re working with a tight budget.


1. Strength and stability of the bassinet
Ensure that the bassinet is sturdy, strong and firm enough to hold your baby safely . You can feel this by using your hands to feel the strength of it through shaking it slowly. Make sure its firm enough in such a way that a playful animal like a dog or a sibling who’s peeking at the ba-by won’t cause it to fall apart.
2. Easy to move around
A good bassinet should be easy to move from one room to another. If it has wheels, make sure that the wheels are easy for you to lock and flexible enough. For collapsible portable bassinets, ensure you’re capable of collapsing them easily without struggle and that its light enough for you to carry upstairs or wherever.
3. Spacious
Choose a bassinet that has a generous space in it for your child to sleep in and stretch if they need to. Sufficient sleeping space is really important, afterall it’s a sleeper and sleeping should be a comfortable activity especially for your newborn.
4. Weight limit
Although most bassinets have a weight limit of 15lbs to 25lbs, some bassinets have the ability to hold a heavier weight. Consider the weight limit of a bassinet before purchasing it to be aware of when the baby should no longer sleep in the bassinet based on their weight changes as they grow.
5. Mattress and bedding
Some bassinets come with their own mattress and bedding . Before buying a bassinet, ensure that the mattress belonging to the bassinet is comfy, soft and fits perfectly in the bassinet leav-ing no spaces that your baby can trap their body parts into which may be dangerous. The baby’s spinal area is also very delicate and should be looked into. Ensure the mattress is good enough for the baby’s comfortability. The bedding should also be warm enough and a good size for the bassinet.
6. Breathability
Ensure that the bassinet you buy has a breathable space for the baby. Pick a bassinet that allows air flow within it to avoid suffocating or little to no air for the little one which is dangerous for them. Remember the baby wouldn’t know if the air getting in is enough for them and she/he wouldn’t talk so be very careful when considering its breathability
7. Durability
Choose a bassinet whose fabric is strong and durable to last as long as it is required and to stand a chance to be used in future for any additional babies.This will save you on cost to have to purchase another bassinet.
8. Bassinet Safety Standards
Older bassinets were only subject to voluntary safety standards. If you’re buying used, do an extra check for safety problems. Look for labels that say JPMA or ASTM. Members of these groups participated in voluntary safety standards before the newer mandatory federal standards were enacted
9. Height of the bassinet sleeping section
The bassinet should have walls high enough to ensure your baby doesn’t roll over and fall out. The vertical distance between the top surface of the mattress and the upper edge of the bassinet enclosure should be reasonably a good safe height.
10. Footholds
Choose a bassinet that doesn’t have any footholds on the inside which the baby can use to climb out of the bassinet. Most babies between birth and 5months are not on the move yet but some may learn to move earlier than others. Get a bassinet that doesn’t contain any footholds as that would be risky for a moving baby.

• Position the baby in the bassinet by their backs never facing down or on their sides. They are safer from chocking and breath better in that position.
• Make sure not to overload the bassinet with heavy bedding which may cover up the child preventing them from breathing.
• Ensure all bedding plus the bassinet mattress are breathable
• Make sure the mattress fits perfectly in the bassinet with no unnecessary spaces left on the sides where the baby’s body parts can get stuck or where the baby can roll over in and have dif-ficulty breathing.
• Make sure to lock the wheels of the basinet when the baby is sleeping for added safety, to ensure that the bassinet remains in one position and doesn’t move on its own which may be risky.

Extra care needs to be taken when dealing with and handling bassinets to ensure they last the baby as long as he/she needs to use the bassinets and for them to be usable and in good condi-tion in future in case of another addition in the family to save on the cost of buying a new one.
Below are a few tips on maintenance of a bassinet to ensure it stays in good condition and works efficiently:
• Avoid placing heavy items on the bassinet. Do not overload the bassinet with a load of baby cloths, heavy blankets or animal stuffing. This will only cause the bassinet to grow weaker and less firm
• Take good care of any zippers on the bassinet. Handle the zips with great care and move them gently.
• Follow the manual instructions keenly while assembling and collapsing the bassinet to avoid spoilage.
• In cleaning the bassinet, follow the instructions on what to do and what not to do or use to clean the bassinet to avoid damaging the bassinets fabric
• Once in a while you can take your bassinet out for air circulation in the bassinet and freshness.
• Avoid older babies playing with the bassinet and rolling them all over since the bassinets are not designed to be toys and they may get weaker and less effective if not handled carefully

Although there’s no specific forced age at which babies should sleep on a bassinet, some fac-tors like weight and size of the baby will also determine how long a baby sleeps in a bassinet.
Bassinets are meant to be used for newborns from birth all the way to anytime between 3months to 6 months approximately, though some babies will sleep in a bassinet even at 7 months.
It all goes down to whether your baby is comfortable and sleeps soundly in the bassinet, wheth-er the baby’s weight can be accommodated by the bassinet and whether the baby still fits in terms of his/her height.
Another important factor to consider is whether your baby has reached the mobile stage where they can use their limbs to move or even crawl or push up. Once a baby has become of this age, immediately stop putting your baby on the bassinet to sleep as this might pos a risk of them falling off the bassinet. This means the baby now needs to transition to a crib, they’ve over-grown the bassinet stage.
It’s not necessary that a child overgrows the bassinet to be transitioned to another sleeper. If as parents, you feel that its time for your child to sleep train, if she/he can now sleep on their own and you won’t mind having your baby on a crib, you can still do away with the bassinet, regard-less of the age.
Young ones, especially in their first few months after birth are not used to sleeping automati-cally. They do not differentiate between day and night, do not understand the feeling of sleep and why they feel the way they do. This makes them uncomfortable and fussy every time you’re trying to get them to sleep or when they feel sleepy.
Also, leaving them in a bassinet or any sleeper by themselves to sleep in your absence gives tem a feeling of fear and insecurity, so a lot of times they’ll cry for as long as you place them down to sleep. They hate feeling alone
If you find yourself with a stubborn sleeper, there are a few things you can try to help them ad-just to their bassinets.
1. Lay the baby down while they’re still awake not completely asleep
Soothing the baby on your chest while breastfeeding him/her is a necessary activity for bonding and creating a connection with the mother. However, avoid making it a routine for your child that they should fall asleep on your chest because they’ll never be inde-pendent enough to adjust to sleeping alone and every time you want to place them on the bassinet to fall asleep, they’ll give you a hard time. Train your baby to fall asleep while on the bassinet. That way, even when you’re travelling or busy with another task, you can easily place the baby on the bassinet and they fall asleep by themselves without much fuss.
Place the baby on the bassinet whenever they become drowsy and are on then verge of sleeping but haven’t slept yet. In that state they’re alert and will be aware of what’s happening around them.

2. Have a constant bedtime routine for your baby
A solid bedtime routine which can include any activities of your choice with your new-born like bath time, a quiet play, a lullaby, breastfeeding, reading or singing to them, swaddling, light cuddling, a light massage for the baby and any other will help tour child adjust quickly to the process of sleeping and find it a normal and enjoyable thing to do.
As soon as the baby begins to adjust, you can start off slowly by eliminating one by one activity until they can adjust without being lured with a routine.
Do not suddenly stop following the whole routine because that will pose even more challenges and you could be forced to start from scratch and even disturb the baby’s sleeping pattern which is unhealthy for the baby.
Play within days and activities, skipping some in other other days until its safe to totally eliminate them altogether

The important thing is that you follow the same routine, in the same order, at the same time, each and every night. This will help your baby know bedtime is approaching and it’s time to wind down. This will make the process of putting them to sleep in their bas-sinet an easier one.

3.Swaddle your baby
Swaddling a young one works magically in helping a baby fall asleep in seconds.
Until your baby is rolling over, swaddling not only helps them fall asleep but can actu-ally help them for other reasons like:
• A sense of feeling secure: Swaddling helps baby to feel protected and secure like they did in their mother’s womb. This helps them to relax and fall asleep faster, as well as sleep longer.
• Reduces anxiety: Swaddling not only comforts and soothes the baby, but it also helps them feel secure and lessens anxiety allowing them to fall asleep easier.
• Enhances their visual senses since during swaddling, they’re able to observe and study the surroundings
4. Use lullabies or read a book
Remember, you’re usually putting your baby in the bassinet or crib while she’s already drowsy and half sleeping. Suddenly placing her on the flat surface will make her realize that you’ve put her down and she’s no longer safe in your arms. This causes her to wake up out of fear and insecurity plus the bassinet may feel less comfortable in comparison to the bassinet.
To keep her sleeping, you can sing the baby a soothing, slow, low-toned song while pampering him/her. Your voice assures her of your continued presence and also soothes her to fall asleep quietly without them noticing. Reading them a storybook in a soothing voice will also create the same impact.
5. Turn down the lights.
Soothe your baby by keeping her room dark during naps and at bedtime. Too much light irritates the baby and overstimulates the baby. The room does not have to be completely dark, but an overstimulated baby will respond well to a mostly dark room with just the light from a small lamp or nightlight. If you’re trying to put them to sleep during the day, try drawing the curtains and using the darker room in the house.
6. Control the temperature in the room
Avoid trying to keep your baby to sleep in a room with too much heat. High temperature irritates the baby even more and they wont sleep comfortably or long enough in that en-vironment. Dress your baby lightly in the same amount of clothes you would wear to bed. If your baby has cold hands and feet throughout the night, try one of the wearable blankets made for infants that you can find at any baby store. Heavy blankets, mattress covers and quilts have been linked to a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome, so avoid placing these items in her crib.

Although most bassinets come with their own mattress and a bedsheet or a set of bed-sheets to be used with that particular bassinet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use them, because that also doesn’t make them the best quality. Some mattresses that come with the bassinets may not be comfortable enough, some may not be made from the best fabrics and others may even be made of chemicals that affect the baby’s health negatively, posing a hazard for your little ones. Before deciding on the kind of mattress best suit for the bassinet, consider a number of factors to decide whether to use the bed-ding that comes with it or not. Here are a few factors to look out for:
1.Avoid harmful chemicals. Some fabric is made with harmful chemicals that affect the baby’s respiratory or braid system. Ensure you’re aware of all the chemicals used on the mattress material and that they’re safe.
2.Choose a soft, comfortable material. A baby’s skin is delicate and could react nega-tively to any harsh surfaces. Ensure the material is soft enough and also one to keep the required warmth retained in cold seasons.
3.Choose a mattress that is easy to keep clean and that doesn’t get damaged in the process. A mattress that is difficult to clean may cause bacteria and other germs to stick onto it and this may cause illnesses or infections. Keep the baby’s bassinet clean and the baby safe from infections.
4.Consider buying a waterproof mattress. Once in a while, babies might accidentally mess their bassinets be it while changing them, when they spit up or when they’re sleep-ing. A waterproof mattress will make sure that the mattress stays dry.
5.Pick a breathable mattress. With a breathable mattress, a baby can sleep at any posi-tion safely. Breathable mattresses have reduced chances of suffocation and few-er chances of sweating
6.The perfect size. Make sure that the mattress fits perfectly in the bassinet and there are no spaces left in the sides where the infant would roll over and get stuck into as this would cause suffocation.
7.Check and ensure that the mattress has the perfect feel and is a convenient sleep-ing surface. It is recommended that you should not go for a mattress that is too soft as many would think preferable. Too much softness will mean the mattress is not firm enough and the child would have higher chances of suffocating in it if their faces go against it for long leading to Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Always go for the firmer one.
Your baby’s sleep is very crucial for their proper growth and development. Ensure that as par-ents, you provide the most comfortable and convenient sleeping space for your little ones on arrival and have them sleeping right next to you safely. Choose the right sleeper that is conven-ient for both you and the baby and take good care of the sleepers to ensure maximum efficien-cy. Remember that you too need to rest and to avoid being overwhelmed, get a bassinet for your baby where they can fall asleep and you’re at peace because their safety is guaranteed and they do not have to depend on you for comfort.


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