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Best Carpet Cleaners

by Alice Roberts

Although some people clean their carpets manually, it’s an overwhelming task and is not assurance of all dirt, germ and stain removal. Vacuuming too is not an assurance that your carpet remains super clean, since vacuums only collect the loose dirt and dust. Every carpet requires occasional thorough cleaning to get rid of stubborn dirt. In busy households with numerous carpets or professional firms, having an addition of a carpet cleaner is a smart idea to get rid of the hassle to occasionally transport carpets in and out of the household for a cleaning session elsewhere.
Choosing the right carpet cleaner is something that needs critical consideration to make sure you purchase the best option for your own personal use and that convenience and efficiency is met. Carpet cleaners need to be durable since they’re preferably bought once to be used for a long period of time without breakdown or unlikeable functioning.
Below are the top 10 carpet cleaners currently in the market, carefully picked and whose features and functionality are guaranteed.
1.Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner
Bissel Proheat is one of a kind carpet cleaner with a pro clean up system designed to specially handle all kind of pet messes including pet waste, pet odors, pet food spills, pet hair and all stains. The 2-in-1 Pet Tool removes pet hair, stains, and odors all with one tool. In dry mode, you can vacuum pet hair and dry debris from your upholstery, capturing the mess in its own dry dirt tank for easy disposal. To get rid of spots and stains switch to wet mode. It has a removable brush roll cover that gives you easy access to the brush rolls and brush cover to easily clean and maintain a deep clean. In express clean mode, the cleaner dispenses the right amount of formula so your carpets dry in about one hour. The cleaner is has a Scotchgard carpet protection that gives your carpets a long lasting stain protection. Comes with Pet Stain & Odor antibacterial Carpet Formula to clean and control odor-causing bacteria.
2. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3
This cleaner has two large tanks, enough for full room cleaning without having to refill while also keeping the clean and dirty water completely separate.
It also has an extreme heavy-duty suction power that aids in quick drying of your carpets after wash.
The machine, unlike most carpet cleaners, cleans on the forward and backward pass which as a result reduces the cleaning time.
The cleaner also has a professional cleaning Formula that contains Scotchgard protection to help protect carpet from future stains.
It is made of durable and very high-quality materials for a sturdy design that makes the machine powerful.
Its a robust piece of workmanship from its top to the bottom.
Has an extra-large powerbrush for a deeper scrubbing action that works by pulling out deeply embedded dirt, and powerful suction
These are just a few features that make this deep cleaner stand out from the rest.

3. BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer
This is a very light and upright carpet cleaner that makes it easy to maneuver and carry around, not to forget its collapsible handle that adds on to its ease of storage and takes up very little storage space.
It makes it easier to clean up minor messes like wine spills, coffee spills and pet urine immediately they occur since they’re light compared to other carpet cleaners. Carrying them down the stairs is not a difficult task too. This reduces the risk of bad odors.
It is the convenient cleaner to go for if you’re looking for something simple especially for rug areas, small hallways, corridors and other high traffic areas.
Despite being small in size and light, it also has two tanks for efficient cleaning and allows separation of clean water from dirty water.
It has a removable nozzle that can be detached and rinsed off at your sink before putting away.
Equipped with edge sweep bristles that facilitate cleaning along the baseboards and around furniture.
4. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
An Upright Portable Deep Cleaning Machine for Home and Office use that extracts dirt and removes stubborn stains and tough set in stains and soil on Carpet
It Includes an Upholstery Tool and Caddy to facilitate cleaning of hard to reach areas and softer surfaces like sofas, stair corners, chairs, pet beds, rugs, mattresses and cushions.
Unlike most floor cleaners that only remove what you see on the surface, Deep Carpet Cleaner has dual cross-action brushes featuring ten rows of durable bristles that scrub the carpet fibers clean from every angle, leaving carpets plush and smooth in just one pass.
Has the Best-in-class suction power that cleans faster and smarter extracting deep stains and also facilitates a quick drying time of four hours and below.
The machine comes ready to use right out of the box with no assembling required.
A collapsible handle makes the powerful cleaner easier to store.
Has extra-large carpet-friendly wheels that make it easy to wheel and steer over area rugs and carpets.
5. Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner Machine
Hoover carpet cleaner has easily removable brushes for easy cleaning of the brushes, and the brushes facilitate cleaning on all sides of the carpet fiber.
Has a wide path nozzle with a sixth brush a feature that provides 20 percent more cleaning action compared to other five-brush models. The clear nozzle is removable for easy cleaning in between jobs.
It contains an Automatic Detergent Mixing System Provides saving you the time and hassle of having to manually mix your detergent. The system provides the best ratio of detergent and water without the need for measuring and mixing. Just put in detergent plus water and the machine automatically does the rest.
Contains a light spin scrub powered hand tool for easy access of hard to reach surfaces like stairs, furniture and others.
Uses a powerful heating system that provides maximum strength facilitating tough cleaning and quick drying of carpets.
6. Antibacterial Cleaning Bundle – ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet + Deep Clean Plus AntiBac
This cleaner offers two cleaning modes all in one cleaner. It offers a deep cleansing mode for cleaning the toughest stubborn stains in between your carpet fibers and a normal lighter cleaning mode for quicker clean ups like normal spills and pet accidents.
Unlike some cleaners, it has a lightweight design and a low profile that makes it easy for maneuvering and moving along while cleaning.
It’s made out of Heatwave Technology and Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes that work excellently to remove dirt and stains from your carpet and powerful suction that lifts away both loose and stuck dirt.
Also has an upholstery tool that makes hard to reach areas easily accessible.
Its drying power is in about an hour.
For removal of tough and stubborn stains that need a deep scrub, attach the 3 InchTough Pet Stain Tool which is designed to spray deep down to the back of your carpet to remove stains and odors from pet messes.
7. Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal
The Shark Navigator Life-Away vacuum cleaner has a pivoting motion that allows you to navigate around corners and in traffic-tight spaces to get every inch of your surfaces clean.
Its advanced Swivel Steering with LED headlights and its light and upright nature allowing excellent maneuvering and carrying around furniture for easy cleaning.
With the push of a button, Lift-Away technology allows you to lift the detachable canister away and easily clean in hard-to-reach areas.
This vacuum cleaner has a premium pet power brush hair attachment that helps to remove pet hair and debris from rugs, sofas and carpets.
An XL-capacity dust cup allows for extended cleaning without interruption.
It possesses great suction power for perfect dirt removal.
The anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology plus a HEPA filter allows trapping of 99.9% dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
8. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner with 18 Accessories
The McCulloch cleaner has 18 unique Versatile Accessories including a Steam Cleaner, carrying handle, steam jet nozzle,2 extension wands, mop head, 2 microfiber Pads, water Funnel, measuring Cup, squeegee, triangle Brush, 5 nylon Utility Brushes, brass Utility Brush and a Scrub Pad all designed to make the cleaning process easy, efficient, fun and less hectic.
It is a professional quality solution for people serious about steam cleaning. Using ordinary water heated to over 200-degree Fehrenheit, it cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces.
Has a very powerful yet small handheld to hulking canisters that crank out an unbelievable 2 full hours of continuous 45 minutes of steam. Push forward the steam switch to provide continuous steam, without continuously pressing the steam button.
The 48-ounce water tank heats up in under 8 minutes unlike others that heat up to one hour.
This cleaner naturally deep cleanses without using any harsh chemicals. It only uses pressured steam and eliminates all kinds of dirt on any kind of surfaces.
9. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner
This cleaner is one of the most powerful of Bissel’s cleaners, ideal for removal of tough and stubborn stains on carpets and surfaces.
Has a 5-flex hose that helps to clean spots and stains in hard to reach areas including stairs, upholstery, and area rugs.
It comes with a 6-inch attachment tool for the stairs
The Bissell Spot Clean Pro is small enough to clean areas that are hard to get larger cleaning machines into such as stairs, cars, area rugs, car seats, corners and closets.
Compared to other portable cleaners, the SpotClean is the better option if all factors are considered and in terms of the cost, it is relatively way cheaper and worth its price compared to all other portable stain removers.
The machine also has automatic settings that can be activated for the machine to clean on its own.
Small enough for easy maneuver around the areas you need cleaned.
10. Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B
As the name states, this is yet another of Bissel’s portable cleaner that is convenient for both large and small clan ups.
The cleaner has an upholstery tool for cleaning hard to reach surfaces that would otherwise pose a challenge cleaning.
Its water tank is a 48-ounce reservoir that holds enough water for a one-time cleaning.
Made of a very lightweight design for ease of use and carrying around. Spills can therefore be cleaned up immediately they occur.
It removes deep-down dirt, spots, and stains quickly and more effectively because of its strong spray and the powerful suction that lifts and removes them for good.
Its clear and removable water tank allows easy removal and washing of the tank and a clear vision of the water to know when to empty or refill the tank
This cleaner is most convenient for small or high traffic spaces and upholstery areas that would not require a very huge tiring machine

Carpet cleaners are of wide varieties from different companies, different prices with different features and modes of usage. For a first timer who needs to purchase a carpet cleaning machine for the first time, it can be a bit confusing and stressful to make a decision on the type of cleaner to consider.
Below are some of the features of carpet cleaners you need to consider looking out for when choosing a carpet cleaner, whose proper positioning, presence or addition will make the carpet cleaning process an easier one.
1. Height and weight of the carpet cleaner
The profile and weight of the cleaner should be considered. Choose a cleaner that you’re comfortable working with depending on your height. Not too high to cause strain and not too high to get tedious due to too much bending. For the weight, consider a cleaner that will be easy to maneuver or carry around the areas of cleaning.
2. Cleansing power
Often, a factor that has been proved by testing several machines plus customer reviews, larger machines with full size models and powerful motors will guarantee you a better job, deeper cleaning, suctioning and removal of dirt and stains in carpet fibers and surfaces than smaller models.
3. Attachments/ Upholstery tools
Carpet cleaners with attachments that help to easily access hard to reach areas like stairs, upholstery areas, area rugs and others are more convenient since they help remove dirt from areas that would pose difficulty reaching and cleaning.
4. The brush(es)
Check the quality of the brush bristles. They shouldn’t be too rough to avoid damaging surfaces neither should they be too soft. Also, a continuously moving or counter rotating brush is preferable than a stiff nonmoving brush that only moves once you push the machine. Rotating brushes give a deeper and more thorough cleansing between fiber
5. Water reservoir(s)
These are also known as tanks. Look for cleaners with tanks large enough for a one-time cleaning process to avoid refilling now and then. Also, most advisable, choose cleaners with two separate tanks that separate clean water from dirty water. You can consider going for cleaners with clear tanks that enable you to see through, so that you’ll assess the water in the tanks without having to them open up now and then.
6. The hose
Most carpet cleaners are heavy and not too easy to carry around all over the house when cleaning. A carpet cleaner with a long hose will therefore be convenient to help reach as far as possible like stairs and save you the hassle of moving all around carrying the heavy machine in all areas.
7. Tank Indicator Lights
These are indicating or alerting lights that are on the tanks and they’re important in showing you when the tank needs refilling or when the dirty water tank is full and needs emptying. You do not have to keep on checking the tanks all the time therefore saves you time and energy and the worry too.


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• Before you dive straight in and settle for a carpet cleaner because it looks amazing from the outside and the price is as per your budget or even more friendly that you expected, be sure to critically analyze about what suits your specifications and personal needs plus consider the efficiency of it.
• All carpet cleaners are different and so is their functionality, usage and maintenance needs. Know why you need a carpet cleaner and the areas you need to clean, the size and materials or surfaces you need to clean and anything else. Pick a model and design that will be capable of meeting all your needs. Bottom line is, make a wise and careful decision to avoid disappointments.
• Consider factors like the carpet’s fiber, carpet construction, location, ventilation of the room and traffic areas before starting your cleaning or before buying the machine.

• Often, a factor that has been proved by testing several machines plus customer reviews, larger machines with full size models and powerful motors will guarantee you a better job, deeper cleaning, suctioning and removal of dirt and stains in carpet fibers and surfaces than smaller models.
• Some carpet cleaners emit unpleasant gases and fumes while performing their cleansing action. Therefore, ensure you open up windows and doors for proper circulation of air to avoid air contamination which would pose respiratory challenges.
• Visit several stores or have several designs to pick from. Ask to see or look out for peoples reviews on their experiences with a brand that pleases you before settling for one. That way, your doubts can be cleared and you’ll have an idea of what you expect and do not expect after purchasing a cleaner.
• Carpet cleaners, just like vacuums produce a lot of disturbing noise while cleaning which would be unpleasant and destructive and would cause ear damage if heard continuously over long periods of time. Ensure you equip yourself and others in the area you’re working in with protective gear to prevent ear damage
• Test the machine ease of maneuvering while at the store before buying especially if you’ll be carrying it up and down stairs. Look for models with attachments if you’d like to clean upholstery or stairs. Ensure you push the machine back and forth to ensure its movable and comfortable for you in terms of even the weight and height.
• If possible, go for companies with certification of cleanliness and whose work is approved and acknowledged by the bodies concerned. That way, assurance of quality is guaranteed and technicians who developed those machines are skilled. Cleaners from such companies are promised to be durable and efficient


• Avoid using carpet cleaners for purposes which they’re not intended. Do not use carpet cleaners for wallpaper removal, attempting to wash dishes or any other appliances that are not stated in the uses.
• Do not leave your carpet cleaning machines in sockets with the power on when the machine is not in use. This is harmful to both the people living in the house as electric appliances can cause fire hazards with handled badly, the safety of the house and the machine too. The machine would overheat and break down eventually. It slowly loses its motor power and its efficiency is lost over time.
• Keep your machine clean all the time to avoid stuck dirt in the tanks or in between the cleaner from damaging the machine and interfering with its durability. Empty the dirty water tank immediately after the cleaning process and allow the machine to dry before storage.
• Ensure to use the solutions provided in their machines for companies that specify so, because failure to that, you could void the warranty, cause inefficiency or interfere with its functioning and durability or even cause electrical shock or fire by damaging the machine. Bissel and Hoover companies are some of the carpet cleaner manufacturing companies with such specifications.
• Store the machine safely in a cool, dry place to avoid rusting of any metallic parts or excessive heat from the sun to avoid damaging the plastic parts of the machine.
• Practice keenness and extra care with carpet cleaners. Any work that involves water and electricity is extremely dangerous if attention is not paid in every step and action. Ensure you follow instructions carefully on mixing water, when to plug the machine and when to unplug it. Avoid placing the cleaners on carpets before they’re completely dry. Wear protective gear while working with them. Keep them out of reach of children.
• Follow instructions given by the manufacturer on their website or warrant document. The information and instructions provided in their websites and suggestions on how often you should clean should be followed. Otherwise you could damage the carpet or void its warranty. Some companies, for example, don’t allow a pro to reapply stain treatments

• Do not wear shoes in the house. If you have to, have specific shoes to be used only in the house and not to step outside. In case of visitors, request your visitors to leave their shoes at the door and offer them the indoors shoes or let them stay without shoes if they’re comfortable
• Clean spots and spills immediately. This will reduce the rate of absorption by the carpet and avoid extremely harsh and stubborn stains that were not worked on in the future. It also avoids germ build up.
• Vacuum the carpets occasionally, not less that four times in one week and if possible, do it daily. Daily vacuuming helps pick up loose dirt and debris before it sinks deep into the carpet.
• Make use of doormats at every door where people dust off their feet before stepping on the carpets. This ensures that loose dirt on people’s feet or shoes is left on the doormat to avoid dirtying the carpets. Every doormat works wonders in ensuring that the life of your carpet is expanded
• Ensure you deep clean your carpets using carpet cleaners on once in a while, like 3 times in a year or more if need be. Vacuuming does not get rid of all dirt but only loose recent dirt. Deep cleaning your carpet will ensure that old stains and sticky dirt is eliminated. By deep cleaning, invisible dirt and germs that would cause infections are all done away with. Deep cleaning your carpet also increases the length of life of your carpet.
• Ensure you give your carpet enough time to completely dry after a cleaning process, especially if you use steam cleaning method. Failure to completely drying the carpet exposes the carpet to the risk of easily holding even more dirt, bacteria and germs which would make it even worse.
• Avoid feeding children and pets right on top of carpets since the process is most likely to be messy, leaving your carpet stained fluids and filled with food residues. If you have to, use a cloth to protect the area before the feeding process begins
• Never use your hands to pull out a piece of the carpet fiber strand that is improperly sitted above the surface in an unequal level with other fibers. It should be trimmed to the level of the other tufts carefully using scissors.
• Heavy items can result in indentations in your carpet. The use of furniture cups can help to avoid the excessive pressure. You can also shift the position of furniture or the carpet itself occasionally.
• Keep pet nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching ad damaging the carpets.
• Avoid by all means spillage or staining of the carpet by products that would cause bleaching of the carpets
• Avoid exposing your carpets to too much heat to avoid fading of the carpets.
• Once in a while, take your carpets outside for ventilation.

1. Categorized by Company/Brand
Carpet cleaners are categorized broadly by the type of brand they belong to. There are quite a lot of brands that deal with carpet cleaning machine development but to name a few, here are the top most known and trusted brands that are known to have the most efficient and perfect models and designs of carpet cleaners from users’ actual experiences:
 Hoover
 Bissel
 McCulloh
 Shark
 Haan
2. Categorized by the purpose
Some carpet cleaners are designed to serve two or more than one major purpose while others can only be used to perform one major task. Carpet cleaners therefore can be categorized in regards to their purpose which broadly fall under:
 Multipurpose cleaners
 Single purpose cleaners

3. Categorized by their mode of cleaning
Carpet cleaners work differently and use different processes and inputs for cleaning. Under this categorization we have:
 Steam cleaning/Deep cleaning cleaners
 Dry cleaning/Chemical cleaning cleaners
4. Categorized by surfaces.
Carpet cleaners are categorized in terms of the surfaces they’re mostly associated with or designed to clean.
 Carpet
 Upholstery/Furniture
 Hard floor

Note: This list is not exhaustive by any means.

There exists continuous debates and confusion about the best method of carpet cleaning between machines that use steam or hot water versus machines that use chemicals or dry-cleaning method to clean carpets or surfaces. Below is a detailed explanation on how both techniques work and the advantages and disadvantages attributed to each method to help you understand better about every method.

Steam Cleaning/Deep Cleaning
Steam cleaning is also known as deep cleaning or hot water cleaning. This is a guaranteed method that is known to remove 97.99% of dirt on carpets. It works in such a way that it goes through every fiber of the carpet and to the bottom most layer of the carpet not only to do away with loose and visible dirt but to eliminate all kind of dirt, stubborn stains, grease, sticky spots and any tough dirt. Its deep cleaning technique often makes it more preferable by many compared to dry cleaning method.
How it works
Steam cleaning is a process that uses very hot water heated at very high temperature to hot vapor or stream that facilitates the cleaning process. The machine sprays detergent on the carpet or surface to be cleaned and hot vapor activates the detergent on the fibers of the carpet-alkaline is used for synthetic types of carpet fibers, and acidic is used for wool and more natural fiber carpets.
Pros of Steam Cleaning
• It’s a safe and natural method that doesn’t use any poisonous or harmful chemicals but only water and heat.
• It is a deep cleansing method that goes beyond and beneath the carpets to trap stubborn dirt and eliminate any bacteria.
• This method can safely be used to clean and disinfect any other chemical free household surfaces like kitchen appliances, sinks and cabinets, bathroom surfaces like sinks and bathtubs without posing a risk or harmful contamination by chemicals.
Cons of steam cleaning
• The fact that water is used means that a longer period of time is needed for drying
• There is a risk of the carpet being left damp after cleaning which may leave the carpet vulnerable to collecting more dirt and also making the huse uncomfortably stuffy
• Too much water is used in the process
• The cleaning is less long term compared to chemical cleaning
• Not convenient in offices and other busy areas as there may be interruption or stoppage of work to have to dry the carpet before normal work resumes.

Dry-cleaning/Chemical Cleaning
Dry cleaning method is also known as chemical cleaning method.
How it works
Chemical cleaning is a method that involves the use of chemical solutions and solutions to remove dirt from the carpet. Well this process is not a completely dry process as per the term and belief but they insignificantly less water compared to steam cleaning that wholly uses water. The carpets are therefore chemically cleaned. The chemicals used chemically dissolve and weaken the dirt and also kill bacteria and treat the carpet to guard it from future bacteria and any mites as much as possible.
Pros of dry cleaning
• Almost zero amount of time is required to dry the carpets after the cleaning process
• Treats the carpet of any bacteria and prevents future invasion of the same by use of chemicals made for that
• More efficient in offices and other busy areas where there’s no time for carpets to be cleaned and dried. The cleaning of carpets can in this case be done on a normal day as day to day activities are carried without interruption or stoppage of work.
Cons of dry cleaning
• Chemical solutions only work in the top layers of carpet, which means they’re are almost completely ineffective for treating deep stains.
• Chemical cleaning poses the risk of health hazards because chemicals are used and fumes emitted in the process may cause respiratory problems. Also, some chemicals may be left stuck on the carpets after the process which is risky for human consumption and inhalation.

As seen above, you can consider a number of factors to decide on which machine you’ll purchase between the dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The above information can guide you into making the best decision.
All In all, the main goal of carpet cleaning generally boils down to ensuring that perfect cleanliness and good condition of your carpets is maintained. Look for a carpet that meets those two needs and you’ll be good to go. Keeping your carpets clean means maintaining a good, welcoming first impression to any visitors in your home and a healthy and conducive environment for family members and friends to live in. The carpets are the face of your home in one way or another. Take good care of them.



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