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Best Combat Boots

by Alice Roberts

combat boot, combat bootsChoosing the right boots will help you find tactical situations whether you tromp through muddy areas of swim through a river. You can do this without damaging your feet, keeping your feet safe, dry and comfortable.  Combat boots have been critical tactical equipment not just for soldiers in a war but also for sailors, marines and pilots in their jobs.

They provide adequate protection and comfort which makes them famous for people who love the outdoors. They are perfect for hunters, hikers and those who engage in cold-season sports. The first features you will notice about them is their durability and masculine make which makes them great for both men and women.

People rely on their feet to move from one area to another, it is therefore important to ensure that they are protected. This best combat boots reviews ensure that you will have comfort and mobility throughout your day.

#1. Dr. Marten’s Women’s 1460 8-Eye Patent Leather Combat Boot

When going for an adventure, it is essential to have the right gears to keep you comfortable all the way. However, it is possible for miss on a few critical things such as foot wear. Complement your attire outfit with strong and elegant footwear. The boot is made with rubber sole that is slip and abrasion resistant. This guarantees you that you can wear the shoe for any adventure you wish to face. The leather material is fat/oil resistant to ensure it retains the initial glory of the boot. As the weather changes, it is important to equip yourself with quality boots that will withstand the changes. This is what you get from this high end boots. The leather shines all the way regardless of unfriendly the weather may get. The boot is approximately 6.5” tall; therefore, it gives you the privilege of walking even in water without fear.

If you are looking for a gift to give your loved one, then this is the way to follow. It gives you the toughness you need to face the world in style. The laces ensure that the boot is a perfect fit for your foot. Additionally, the comfortable design keeps you on the move and allows you the enjoy your style like a rock star.

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  • Strong and quality leather material
  • Air-cushioned sole
  • Oil/fat resistant
  • Abrasion and slip resistant sole


  • The upper leather is tight and stiff for the first time

#2. Taos Women’s Crave Combat Boot

If all you want is to give yourself a comfortable treat as you go for that foot tour, then this urban boot will meet your cravings. The design is comfortable for all time use. The boot has adjustable laces that will ensure the boot fits to any size. To spice it up, the boot also has an inside zipper just in case the laces don’t get you the size you require. You can wear the boot with absolutely anything, which guarantees you that you will retain your style as well as embrace new fashion too.

Every woman’s dream is to lead a fashionable life style and feel confident. However, the type of shoes others wear keep dragging them behind and giving room for others to take control. You don’t have to fall in the list, instead, take advantage of this boots and introduce a unique lifestyle in your personality. The boot has a durable design that gives you the power of movement all the way. The sole is strong and will withstand any challenge on your way.

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  • Inner zipper and laces for adjustability
  • Comfortable leather and faux lining
  • Removable footbed
  • Easy to wear and navigate


  • It’s a little difficult to get the right fit

#3. DailyShoes Women’s Military Ankle Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee High

When going for a walk, it feels difficult to carry an extra baggage with you. This is to ensure you are flexible enough to cover a big distance. However, you will need to take with you some personal essentials such as pocketknife, credit cards and other personal belongings. If you are wondering how it will be possible to have all this without a handbag, consider getting this boot.  The boot has zippers that will guarantee safety for your credentials all through the trip. Additionally, the boot has laces that make it easy to fit and feel comfortable. The insole is well cushioned to give your foot the padding you need to face the world in style.

This daily shoes military combat boots for women are made to withstand all terrains. It has a rubber sole that is slip resistant. Therefore, you will have your confidence even when walking on slippery floor and places with loose gravel. The leather is heavy-duty and resistant to wear and tear. This guarantees that the boot will last long and is a perfect match for play or work. Invest in this military boot and feel the confidence of life once again. You can perfectly match it with any outfit, this will allow you to remain in fashion and still meet your adventure needs. The lightweight design allows you to walk around and maintain healthy feet.

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  • Retains body balance
  • Heavy-duty vegan leather construction
  • Rubber sole slip-resistant
  • Convenient pocket for storage


  • The design is not durable
  • The material is not water resistant

#4. Steve Madden Women’s Troopa 2.0 Combat Boot

When you go shopping, its important to look into details of the type of products you want to buy. Learn more about their foundation and style development to date. This way, it will be easy for you to pick products that are durable and of the best quality. When it comes to shoes, the same style is not exceptional. Ensure that the types of shoes you invest in are a perfect reflection of your fancy lifestyle. Steve madden collection has been in the shoe industry for a long period now. This makes the company suitable for delivering quality and reliable products to their customers.

Here is the only place where you will get your needs met regardless of how personalized they are. Everything from size, fit, color, comfort and all other specifications are observed to produce a standard boot. Additionally, this boot has a design that accommodates any dressing code. Therefore, making it suitable for use even with your trending outfits.

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  • Perfect fit with laces
  • Durable leather construction
  • Convenient for tough terrains
  • Comfortable with numerous dress codes


  • The boots are a little expensive

#5. DailyShoes Women’s Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Ankle High

Commonly, boots are known to go slightly high than a normal shoe. However, that is not the sold indication that you are wearing a boot thanks to this dailyshoes collection. With a design that extends to the ankle, you will have flexibility of putting it on and off every time. On the other hand, it will ensure your ankle is safe especially when walking on tough terrains. Unlike other brands, dailyshoes provides you with a pocket to carry your essential for easy mobility. When going for a vacation, the boot will ensure you have the required amount of money to buy things on the road. Its even suitable for hunting as you can easily fit a pocketknife too.

When it comes to quality and durability, this combat women military boot is not a mistake. It has a durable design using the best leather material. Apart from enhancing the quality of the boot, leather is also resistant to the usual wear and tear, which guarantees you longevity. It also features a block heel to ensure it maximizes on your strengths even when under tough terrains. The sole has grips that  will ensure you are safe while on icy/slippery floor. In regards to fitting, the boot has zippers and lace-up design. This will guarantee that it will conveniently fit to any size and you can adjust the laces to keep you comfortable.

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  • Adjustable lace-up and zippers for fitting
  • Non-slip sole with block heel
  • Convenient storage pocket
  • Durable and heavy-duty quality


  • The zipper pocket is tough with the boot on

#6. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Winter Faux Fur Lining Combat Boot

Its not easy to combine fashion, style and the weather changes. Occasionally, you will find yourself lost in between as you try. However, Dream Pairs have come up with a new style of making fashionable boots that will ensure you have it all. The boots have a military combat style that is unique and reliable under any situation. Whether you are walking under dry summer or heavy snow, the boot will guarantee you comfort and flexibility. The company has uses top leather material, which ensures that the final product is not only of the best quality but rather durable and strong too. The boot features rubber sole that is slip resistant. Therefore, ensuring you retain your balance even when walking on slippery floor.

For the sake of your comfort, the shoe has faux fur lining padding to ensure you and comfortable. The insole of the boot also has proper cushioning to protect you from swollen feet as you undertake your duties. They come in various colors for your selection to ensure you get a perfect fit for your style. Additionally, it has a zipper that makes it easy to slip on/off and laces for easy fitting.

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  • Zipper and lace for easy on/off
  • Comfortable insole padding
  • Multi-color selection
  • Heavy-duty fashionable design
  • Durable material


  • The carves are a little big and do not fit well

#7. UGG Women’s Kilmer Ankle Bootie

UGG women’s kilmer ankle bootie is the current women’s boot that is trending. The ankle size works best for any outfit and will ensure you get the attention you want. Since the company’s foundation, it has continued leading in innovative style to give the best product that every woman desires. In the early years, it was specifically worn by celebrities, however, after the improved innovation, the boot has become a must have for everyone around the globe. The top quality design guarantees you longevity and power to face various terrains comfortably. The unique leather style finish corresponds not only with your attire but also the home décor.

During rainy season, this boot will still surprise you with its ability. This top quality leather is water resistant, therefore, even in deep waters; you will sail through and emerge without your soaks soaking. Additionally, the boot has an easy to maintain design. You only apply sued on the leather and it gets back to its original classic style. When it comes to fitting, this boot has an inside zipper and laces on the outside. Both laces and zippers are adjustable, which makes it easy to fit in your foot. If you are looking for a footwear that will last long and feel comfortable as you walk, UGG is all you need.

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  • Convenient design
  • Durable leather material
  • Water resistant
  • Has laces and zipper for fitting


  • The sizing is narrow and not comfortable for normal width foot

The Importance of Wearing Proper Shoes during Your Daily Exercise

Exercises are a great way to get yourself flexible, fit and sexy. What many people fail to realize is that shoes are critical to a successful workout session. If you are not going to the gym and are exercising at home, you may be tempted to workout with any shoe you can find. Sometimes, it may be tempting to workout barefooted. But, whether your workout involves sports, yoga, Pilates, running or using gym equipment, shoes are critical. The right shoe has serious implications on your general safety and workout comfort. Here are several reasons why the right shoes are important.

Your General Health and Well Being

According to most fitness professionals, you have to use a separate pair of shoes for your workouts. If the shoes you wear to the gym are too small, it will put too much pressure on your nails. With time your nails will blacken and eventually fall out. This process will also be extremely painful for you, and you may not rick your workout potential because of the discomfort. Some shoes also rub the wrong way and cause painful blisters that will affect your performance.

This is the case with oversized shoes. On the other hand, worn out shoes do not provide adequate protection. According to the Michigan State University Extension, it is important that you replace your running shoes every 500 miles. It is also hygienic to ensure that the shoes you use to exercise are not the same ones you wear on your day to day basis. Too much foot sweating can cause foot rot which is painful and uncomfortable.


Sometimes, the shoes are required for your safety. Sure, you may feel that you are more comfortable walking barefoot. However, in the gym, and during workouts, accidents can happen. If weights were to fall on your feet, your toes would be injured. Shoes will help to reduce the impact and keep your feet safe. With the right shoes, your run on the treadmill will be great, and you will not feel the impact of the workout.

Because safety is important in the gym, it is important to ensure that you choose the right shoes for your workouts. According to Kevin Hart, it is important to choose the right shoes for each workout routine you engage in. This does not mean that you need to carry several shoes with you, it means you have to choose shoes that will support your activities. Running shoes need to have additional cushioning that helps to absorb shock as your feet hit the ground. If you love cross training, then your shoes are designed to offer more support. There are also specialist shoes that work best for weightlifters and hikers. Choosing the right type of shoe for you will give you the support you require.


Workouts require you to move constantlyfor you to lose pounds and gain some lean muscles. Sometimes the movements are simple enough. However, with time, especial for yoga and weightlifting, the movements become tough and need more flexibility. The right shoes will allow you to move easily and have the correct posture at the same time. The wrong shoes will hurt your feet and ankles. They will also make the workouts more strenuous for you. Instead of building muscles, you may find that you are damaging the muscles in your body and causing injuries to yourself. With time, you may give up on working out because they are strenuous, painful and you see no results from your hard work.

You Maintain the Right Posture

What most people do not know is that shoes do not just cushion your feet. The natural curve of your feet also supports the curve of your spine. This allows you to have a healthy posture. Over time, the use of the wrong shoes causes you to have the wrong posture that may cause permanent damage to the spine and chronic back pain. If you have had spinal injuries, you are naturally predisposed to bad posture. During workouts, these predispositions will cause more strain to your spine. The right footwear can help to improve your posture and keep back pain at bay. While exercises play a huge role in how happy you are and how you feel about yourself, you have to wear the right shoe for things to work out as they should.

Things to consider when choosing a combat boot

When you are buying combat boots, you must make sure that you have the best buying tips so you get the right boots for yourself. Different people will have different preferences. While most people use these boots for military training, you need to make sure that they fit perfectly. Here are a few things to consider when shopping:

Their purpose

Before you invest in military boots, you need to make sure that they are designed for the purpose you buy them for. Combat boots aremade to withstand prolonged combat conditions and allow the soldiers to feel more comfortable. Even with advancements in technology, there are no universal designs for tactical boots. You therefore have to choose the boots depending on the activities you will be engaging in. for instance, you cannot choose boots meant for jungle maneuver and wear them in the desert. They will not offer you the amount of service and protection you need.

Standard issue boots

These are often made of leather, are black in color and are waterproof. They are designed to provide users with extra ankle stability and foot comfort. They are perfect for rugged terrain and combat training grounds. They have a simple design with a rounded toe. The leather gives them a sleek touch and they require no polishing. Soldiers often use them for ceremonies like funerals, parades and graduations.

Jump boots

These are made specifically for airborne troopers. They come with a tall shank that reaches the calf of your legs. They have reinforcements at the ankles to minimize injuries from jumps. They have between 11 and 13 eyelets, which help determine the size of the boot. They also come with specially designed heels and rubber soles. Some have toecaps for increased protection.


These are also made for specific tasks. They have tankers instead of laces. They also have a wide leather strap that wraps around the upper part of the boot and buckles for fastening. They are made this way to increase efficiency because straps cannot be caught on stuff as you move. They also have added protection against the numerous chemicals in a tanker. However,these boots do not have adequate ankle protection.

Are they made for extreme weather?

After you have discovered the activities you will be engaging in while you wear the boots, you need to ask yourself whether they can handle extreme weather conditions. If you are a military personnel, you will find yourself needing footwear that can handle harsh temperatures.

Most military boots have canvas that help to alleviate conditions that are associated with wearing tall boots in wet terrain. They have ventilation holes at the instep that allow excess moisture and water to drain from the boot. They should be lightweight to allow you to move quickly through the mud. Boots meant for the wet weather need to have adequate insulation to improve temperature regulation and increase ventilation.

If you will be going through extremely hot weather, you need boots that are designed for the desert. These have special ventilation systems that allow your sweat to evaporate easily. They are also made of special material that fights off bacteria and fungi that may get in the boot as you move around.

Are they waterproof?

The last thing you want is to have boots that allow water to get to your feet. Such boots will increase your risks of getting foot rot and infections if you are walking through contaminated water. Often, boots made for wet conditions have millions of tiny pores that allow ventilation. At the same time, the material is waterproof keeping the water and moisture away from your feet. If you are spending most of your time in cold weather, you will want to consider boots that have waterproof material of the outside and wool insulation on the inside to keep your feet warner. There are also boots meant for people who will be walking on conditions under 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These have two layers of rubber and a thick layer of wool between them. Such boots are great if you engage in sports during the winter.

They style of boots you want

Of course, you must consider the look you need to achieve by wearing the boots especially if you are not wearing you boots for military work. You have vintage boots options. Here you get to choose from boots that were made in World War II when combat boots became popular. These are great for people who want a retro, old school look. However, you can also choose the different modern designs that have almost similar functionalities with the army boots. However, these are made for leisurewear. If you love the military look, these will be a great option for you.


When buying a pair of shoes, you need to make sure that combat boots are the right size. The last thing you want is to wear boots that are not comfortable for you. Whether you are buying your boots for military work or for leisure, you need to get ones that fit. Most military boots are meant to be worn for long periods. They also have to accommodate a wide range of movement. You therefore need to make sure that they feet properly. The right size will give you the protection and support you need. If you do not fall in the standard 9- 14 sizes, you may need to contact the manufacturer and have yours custom made. When buying, make sure to live a small allowance for socks and toe movement.

Heel kicker

If you will be using your boots to climb, you need to get some that offer phenomenal traction. Sometime you will find yourself sliding down a hill at high speeds. Boots that have a series of serrations at the sole allow you to break during such times.


This is a disk filled with nitrogen and placed at the heel of the military boots. Thisnitrogen is great because it offers a range of stability and firmness. They are perfect for people who spend most of their time standing and walking. They prevent foot and back soreness.

Kick plate

A kick plate is often places at the back of the heel and allows you the freedom to use your toe to remove your boots without causing scuffs. These come in handy for people who get home too tired to bend and remove their boots.


The midsole is the areas between the sole of your shoe and your foot. Thispart need toprovide adequate cushioning for comfort and shock absorption. If you suffer from conditions like planter fasciitis, this is the part you need to pay close attention to. The thicker the mid sole is, the more comfortable it will be for you and the more support your feet will get.

Lace garage

If you will be walking in areas that have equipment that may snag your laces, lace garages will allow you to store excess lace lengths.

How to wear boots

Combat boots are tough looking lace up boots that are made of leather. Usually, they are slightly longer than ankle boots. They are an iconic item that every woman feels like they must have in their closet. However, when it comes to wearing them, most people get it wrong all the time. Just because they are boots should not limit your love for fashion and trending outfits. If you are confused of how you can match them and maintain a stunning look, here are a few tips of putting your combat boots in style.

Skinny jeans, army jacket and brown combat boot is a perfect match

Jeans and boots have always been a perfect match. Regardless of how tall or short the boots are, they will automatically blend to give you a sophisticated look. When you have brown combat boots in your closet, then its time to find some cool outfits for a casual winter hangout.  You can put on a simple sweater top and the army jacket to keep you warm. Complement the brown boots with a red/brown scarf and you are good to go. This will ensure you look stylish and you will not be overdressed.

Boots and skirts can still do

Stop limiting yourself to trousers every time you think of putting on your combat boots. With the right pair of skirts, your boots will work best too. When you are going for a party or family occasion, you can wear your combat boots with an oversized sweater top and a mini leather skirt. The outfit will look classy and lovely. However, for this look, its essential to have matching colors for it to come out as it should.

Mini dress

Women look great in some mini dresses that’s for sure. However, the look of your mini dress will be enhanced with the type of shoe you wear. You can break the heels monotony and try out wearing combat boots. In such outfit, it will be easy for you to move around without straining your ankle and you will still have a refreshing look. Additionally, it will keep you looking young and lively, which is the desire of a majority of women. However, you can still wear the same outfit and acquire a mature and sophisticated look by introducing some stockings in your outfit.

Additionally, if you do not have a mini dress, you can still pull that maxi dress in your closet and still look fancy and classy. For the maxi dress, you may consider combining with a leather jacket for a stunning image. The leather jacket is supposed to balance the clumsiness of your dress. To ,avoid looking clunky, ensure that you are showing at least an inch of skin between the dress and the boots.

Consider your height

If you wear your boots with the right outfit, you will look a little taller and tough. You can have all this by going all black with leather pants and some sleeveless t-shirt. Combining this with some black combat boots will keep you look slimmer, taller a dark. With this look, you will perfectly fir for any occasion and still have a cool and unique style.

How about some leggings

Almost every woman has some pair of leggings in their wardrobe. Did you know you can acquire a fashionable look for the summer holiday by matching them with your pair of boots? You can pair the leggings with an oversized fluffy top and some black combat boots. This outfit will ensure you stand out in the midst of the crowd. To blend the entire outfit and draw the attention you need, spice it up with some classy black purse and feel the difference.

These are just but a few styles that will ensure your style is trending and you will enjoy wearing your boots. However, you must not limit yourself to these styles but rather, you can introduce your own collection and maintain a classy sophisticated look all the way.

History of combat boots

Combat boots have come a long way to where they are today. In the early centuries, boots were mainly used to cover the feet and provide some warmth for the high clergy. Therefore, in those days, they were made using lined fur. The first boots were worn in France and England between the 12-14th century. The boots then hard a unique design that pushed the wearer to implement a new walking technique. However, the first boot was worn wide and did not fit the feet. During rainy season, the boot would allow rain to pour in, which was a disadvantage to the wearer. Later, there came another boot the stivali. This was worn tight on the leg to prevent rain and keep the wearer warm.

However, as time progressed, the boots industry continued to grow wide and wide. This lead to the introduction of combat boots after the World War II. Although the then boots did not have foot specification and the wearer would wear any boot to any foot. After several hundreds of years, many shoe companies began to design boots for celebrities and other top officials. By this time, they were specifically designed for use during cold season. Black was the most common color although you would find a few in red sheds. This trend continued up to the 19th century where people began to improve in the innovation sector.

During the 20th centuries, there was an introduction of boots that were ankle high and slightly tall but not up to the knee. At this point, people would wear them when going for horse riding or camping. The evolution however, continued to improve to ensure that the wearer has a more sophisticated and feminine look.

Now people enjoy matching boots with any fashion and still feel confident with the way they look. With good match boots, you do not have to limit yourself to heels and other shoes since they perfectly work and will ensure your look is stunning.

Tips on caring for tactical boots

  • Always wear them with a good pair of socks and cushion soles. You may also insert insoles depending on the level of comfort you need.
  • Always wear the right size. Sometimes, you may have to buy one size bigger to accommodate socks, swelling feet and the sole inserts.
  • Make sure that the boots fit snuggly and not too tightly to allow you to move your toes comfortably.

How to clean the boots

  • Always use a good suede cleaning kit to care for the boot.
  • If the boots are leather, use a soft cloth or a nylon brush to clean the shoes
  • Never apply shoe polish of waterproofing materials because they will block the ventilation pores on the boots
  • Clean the boots regularly toprevent wear
  • Before you clean out mud from the shoes, make sure that it dries completely. Use a large brush to scrub off the soil.
  • If there are soil stains after cleansing with a brush, mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap toa cup of warm water. Dampen a sponge with the mixture and wipe away the dirty
  • Never use harsh oil or alcohol based cleaners as they will damage the leather.
  • After cleaning wipe it with a clean cloth, and air dry it.
  • If the boots are wet, allow them to air dry before you wear them
  • Never expose them to excess heat
  • You can use sued stones to erase scuff marks
  • Do not scrub the boots heavily as the nap will be damaged and it cannot be repaired
  • Use baking soda or baby powder to remove oil stains. Allow the powder to sit for an hour and brush it off with a soft brush.
  • For your own comfort, you have to make sure the interior of the boot is cleaned properly. A great way to do this is to remove the insoles and air dry the boot
  • Handwash the insoles with gentle soap
  • Never put the boots of insoles in a washing machine. However the laces can be machine washed
  • Wipe down the inside of the boot with dishwashing soap
  • People with athletes foot can spray in inside with an anti-fungal spray


Combat boots are stylish and allow you to engage in strenuous activities with ease. Ensure that you buy the right boots and maintain them properly to ensure that they serve you for years without showing signs of damage.

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