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by Alice Roberts

electric smokerChoosing an electric smoker is not as easy as most people may think. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. The truth is that every barbecue lover wishes to get the best smoker for themselves. A good smoker makes meals delicious and healthy and all that at the comfort of their our homes.

However, with the numerous features offered by different manufacturers, the choice can be a tough one. Not all smokers will prepare fish and crab. So, what do you need to get the right one for your needs? Well, this article will dive profoundly providing you with facts on the things you need to consider and some of the best electric smokers on the market.

#1. Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20071117 30" Digital Electric SmokerRegardless of how skillful you are, the masterbuilt digital electric smoker will earn you the respect you want. This item is suitable for beginners as well as pros who are still willing to make a name in smoking food. Stop wondering how you will prepare the food with all the stresses of propane and charcoal. Instead, take advantage of this mighty electric smoker and satisfy your family with delicious meals every time.


With at least 30” space, you are sure of it serving the entire family and friends. This size can comfortably accommodate up to 6 whole chickens and two whole turkeys. Therefore, feeding people within your compound will become easy, exciting and comfortable. Additionally, it gives the chance to choose what to eat as everything will be ready at the same time. With a capacity of handling up to 64 sausages, 24 burgers and eight racks or ribs, you will feel the confidence of smoking at any given time. The unit has four different smoking racks that comfortably accommodates all your food.

Control panel

This electric smoker has a digital control panel. This makes it easy to use as the panel allows you to set temperature and time depending on what you are smoking. It will guarantee you the same quality and competitive results with every smoking.

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–    Easy to use

–    Digital control panel

–    Convenient smoking space


–    It must be set to a high temperature to work perfectly

#2. Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit for Masterbuilt Digital Smokers

Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit for Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

Treat your food and retain the same sweet and delicious taste for long. This electric smoker is ideal for all your smoking requirements. It guarantees the entire family and friends have more than enough for every meal. With a masterbuilt cold smoking kit, you will enjoy low-temperature operation with continuous smoke for up to 6 hours. The smoker has adjusting switch that makes turning on/off comfortable and convenient.


It has a top quality design that will make your kitchen look amazing. The model also features a unique size that perfectly fit in any space you have. The cold smoker is also ideal for in/outside use. It accommodates wood chips, which allows you to minimize the electric consumption.

Easy to use

Just like the traditional smoker, this cold smoker is easy to use. With it, you will not have to acquire unique skills to use it. Additionally, it comes with a manual that helps you to learn how to use and adjust the temperature to meet specific standards.

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–    Easy to use

–    6 hours of continuous smoke

–    Durable design

–    Convenient for in/outdoor use


–    The lid does not seal correctly, and it releases smoke

#3. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Are you enthusiast about smoking and enjoying delicious meals, then this is all you need. Char-Broil digital electric smoker has perfect space that will accommodate all your food without congesting anything. This is one of the best outdoor smokers as it gives you the ability to smoke like a pro. For all your outdoor events, it will ensure that you have an ample time smoking without affecting the comfort of the guests within the compound.


This smoker has an admirable design and size that perfectly fit for any occasion. Its suitable for smoking any type of food including fish, sausage, chicken and several others. It has insulated double wall construction to ensure all the heat is retained for convenient cooking.


Reliability is extremely essential when it comes to selecting household items. With this smoker, you will get exceptional service. It works ten times better than the traditional wood smokers.

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–    Durable construction

–    Reliable smoking

–    Convenient cooking space

–    Easy to control

–    Automatic turning off


–    Slightly expensive compared to others on the market

#4. Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker

Electric Smoker

Use this masterpiece and take control of your cooking in the comfort of your home. Stop stressing yourself every time you think of smoking meat or other seafood products. The best thing about this smoker is that it comes with a lid that will keep your food safe even if you are not around. It has a lightweight construction that makes it easy to transport to wherever place you want your food. Additionally, it has handle and wheels that make mobility easy.


This smoke has an easy to connect design. It even allows Bluetooth integration to ensure your food cooks evenly. This technology also allows you easy access to the way your food is cooking even if you at a distance.

Easy to clean

The smoker has removable wood chip tray, water pan, front access grease pan and drip pan for easy cleaning. Therefore, it will only take you few minutes to clean the smoker and set it ready for next use.

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–    Highly portable

–    Convenient temperature control panel

–    Bluetooth smart technology

–    Easy to clean

–    High output LED lights


–    It breaks down after a short use

#5. Smoke Hollow 30162EW 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window

Smoke Hollow 30162EW 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window, electric smoker

When cooking for a more extensive family than usual, running out of gas is a common problem. You will occasionally find yourself stranded as you try to make a plan of how to finish the already continuing task. However, you have an opportunity to relax and make that the issue of gas to be the least of your problems. By investing in smoke hallow electric smoker, you are sure of getting it all the way.

It has a double wall construction style that keeps the heat concentrated at the same place for convenient cooking. Additionally, you can integrate this unit with your traditional wood chip smoker for real-time smoking. It operates with high watts to ensure your favorite food gets the flavor you like and cooks perfectly. The smoke has a convenient cooking space that will accommodate enough food for a large family. It has an easy to operate design, which guarantees you there will always be ready food even if you don’t have unique skills to operate the item.

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–    Easy to use

–    High watts elements

–    Easy to clean

–    Saves you time and cooking gas

–    Convenient cooking space


–    Slightly expensive compared to others on the market


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Benefits and disadvantages of buying an electric smoker

With electric smokers, the heat is not created using the flames here.  The best smokers for home use work by heating the coils and allowing the food you need to cook to receive that heat while preparing. This way of working gives you a lot of advantages.


These are undoubtedly safer than the traditional systems. Most traditional methods depend on the fire to get the smoke you need for cooking. The most prominent issue with conventional ways of smoking food is that is the smoking unit falls; the fire will quickly spread to other parts of the home which could be hazardous. More so, if you have children in the room. It is therefore recommended that people who have children and those who have smaller homes should buy electric smokers instead of traditional smokers. If you have the fear that fire may spread fast in your home, these smokers are a great option.


Cost refers to the maintenance costs and the purchasing costs of the smoker. Traditional smokers require that you buy fuel and charcoal regularly. Electric smokers, on the other hand, will be charged to your electric bills and are therefore much more convenient.  With purchasing charcoal, the costs of running the unit will be too costly in the long run.  You will be glad to know that your electricity bills will not hike as these units do not use a lot of power.

A majority of good electric smokers only use 800 watts per hour. You can multiply this by the number of hours you smoke your food each month with the electricity charges in your area to find out how much it will cost you each month.  These calculations will make it clear that high electric bills will not be something you have to worry about.

Easy to use

The last thing you need is a unit that will be too complicated to use. You need to buy units that are straightforward and allow you to smoke your meat without any problem. All this system requires you to do is check the air flow and ensure that the flame is working. It is comfortable and convenient because the fire will not be too hot for what you are cooking. Most have temperature settings that allow you to cook at a constant heat. It is therefore significant for newbies and even better for experts. All you have to do is set the temperature and keep turning your food until it is ready.

Its ease of use also synchronizes with its convenience. Unlike propane and charcoal smokers, these do not need to monitoring. You, therefore, have to keep monitoring to make sure that the charcoal is renewed to keep the fire constant. As long as there is electricity, these will smoke your food at the same temperature allowing you the freedom to have your food as you want it. You can get your food ready and still do other activities.

Better flavor

Sometimes charcoal smokers add a weird scent and taste to your meat. Electricity does not contain these contaminants. Your beef will, therefore, be flavorful and enjoyable to eat. On the same note, these have minimal residue. You will, therefore, spend less time cleaning them. There are also made of stainless steel, so the meat does not stick to them.

The demerits

Like with all things, these also have both advantages and disadvantages. Even so, it is essential to check and ensure that the smoker you buy will suit your needs perfectly.

Low temperatures

Unlike charcoal smokers, electric ones do not produce a lot of heat. This means that while your meat will be cooked the same way, it will take longer. This is one reason why most people would prefer other smokers. Electric smokers are also more prone to malfunctions. For instance, if a lot of water is poured on item electronic parts, the whole smoker will short circuit. You must, therefore, be careful with it as you would be with other electronic devices in your home.

Limited portability

The greatest disadvantage of electric smokers is that you will have to cook close to a power outlet. You cannot cook outside while entertaining your guests if you do not have a power outlet there. This may be inconvenient for people who want to get away from technology and smoke meat in areas where there is no electricity.

Factors to consider when choosing a tremendous electric smoker

If you are wondering what is the best electric smoker? There are many features you need to look out for to make sure that the smoker you buy will satisfy your needs.

Shape and design

This is the first thing you look at when you buy a smoker. You need to make sure that the shape and design you buy will look great in your home. Sometimes you will have to smoke meat for guests. You, therefore, need your smoker to complement the décor in your home. The shape and design will also dictate how much meat you can smoke. If you have a small family, a bullet-shaped smoker will do the trick. However, a cabinet version will be better for people who have more prominent families and need to smoke a variety of meat.

Look out for openings

You also need to check and see whether there are cavities in the smoker. These work by removing excess heat from the system. When heating meat, it is typical for smoke and heat to be removed. To regulate the amount of smoke these cavities are necessary. The last thing you want is for your meat to taste like it has been burnt because the temperatures and smoke were too much. When the heat is maintained correctly, your meat will taste great.


All electric smokers must have temperature controls. These will dictate the amount of heat that the unit will produce and consequently the amount of time it will take your for meat to be fully cooked. If temperatures are not maintained properly, your cooking endeavors will fail. Ensure that the system allows you to increase and reduce the heat as you want, that is depending on which stage you meat is in. These come with a thermostat or a rheostat that is within the system. Most people find rheostats more effective. You may have to do more research on those two before you make your purchase. Always remember that a little programming and precise temperature controls will go a long way in making your smoking experience perfect.

Heat distribution

A lot of science goes into making a heated structure. The primary issue with the design of best insulated electric smokers is that the food is prepared correctly and also on time. These are features that are also connected to design and shape. Pay close attention to the way the smoker is developed. These will affect the heat distribution and will dictate which areas of the smoker will be hottest and which ones will receive no heat.

As such you will find that there are areas where your meat is not being cooked at all. If you are a professional, you are looking for ways to cook your meat faster. This will only happen if the heat flows from the upside to the downside. People who are only cooking for their families may feel better with smokers whose heat flows from downwards to upwards. The former heat flow will cook slowly and will ensure that all the flavors are intact. However, professionals are only concerned with getting meals to their customers as fast as possible.

Food tray structure

Each smoker will come with a different kind of tray. There are two ways in which these trays are arranged. One is where there is an inclination, and another is where there isn’t one.  The food tray structure will also determine the types of food that you can cook on your smoker. If you are mainly cooking meat, the tray does not need to be inclined. However, a little inclination is required when you are cooking fish. You also need to make sure that the material of the tray is durable and will not require a lot of maintenance. It should also be easy to clean.


Like with all other things you will cook, you need to make sure that you will not lose a lot of money while making the purchase. The features and the brand of the smoker will dictate how much it will cost. You need to keep the price within your budget range. To do this, look at the amount of money you are willing to spend and the features that are most important to you. Do not be afraid to go a little off the budget for a feature that you think is critical for you.

How to clean and maintain your electric smoker

It is paramount that you take great care of your electric outdoor smoker. There are numerous outdoor smokers for sale so the maintenance you give it will dictate how long it will serve you. These smokers are not as cheap as it may seem. This is why you need to follow the right steps when caring for your smoker. If you do not like cleaning equipment, you will be glad to know that cleaning electric smokers is not a terrible job. However, consistency is key.

–    Grease will dribble down the grates as you meat cooks. The excess grease and oil will harden and make it difficult to clean. If you do not clean it after use, you will most likely destroy the heating unit of your smoker. You, therefore, need to clean it immediately after use.

–    To prevent the grease from piling up, ensure that you clean up each week.

–    The best way to clean a greasy tray and grade is to put it in your kitchen oven and heat it till the grease melts. Clean it with a sponge and some detergents, and it will be good as new in no time.

–    The truth is that steel objects will rust eventually. This is mainly because of the moisture from the meat and the water used to clean these parts. If left untreated, rust can cause immense damage to the unit.

–    After you are done with scrubbing the areas with residue, ensure that you thoroughly wipe away the rust and wastes and water to keep the interior fresh. You may also want to spray some heat resistant paint to keep the parts from rusting further. However, if you do use paint, do not be cheap with it. Low-quality paint will jeopardize both your meat and your health as the chemicals in the paint will start evaporating and mixing with your food.

–    Be careful with the seasoning of the smoker. Your instructional manual will help with that. Apply good smelling oil to the sides of the smoker. The types of oil will affect the taste of your meat.


Choosing the right smoker does not have to be as complicated as it seems. There are numerous options on the market, and there are also innumerable features to look for. Knowing what you require will help you narrow down your choices significantly. With the best electric smoker, life will be quite smooth.

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