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Best TV Wall Mount

by Alice Roberts

tv wall mount, television wall mountAt first, mounting your TV will seem like a daunting task. While the task is not as difficult as most people make it. The process certainly requires you to be careful and to have the right tools. The right TV wall mount can make a huge difference not just in the installation but also in viewing. Of course, the more expensive it is the more features it will have and the longer it will serve you. If you are wondering how to choose the best TV mounts for your needs, here are a couple of things you need to consider. This article also includes a list of the best TV stand with mount.

TV wall mount buying guide

There are several things you must consider to ensure that you buy the best TV wall mount for your needs.


The first thing you must think about is the size of the screen you plan on mounting. Ensure that you buy the right TV wall mount for your TV screen. Check to ensure the size of your screen and the size the TV wall mount you buy can handle. If you are not sure, find a tape measure and measure it yourself. The size of your flat screen is measured diagonally.

The weight of your screen

There is a maximum support that the TV wall mount can handle. These are often listed on the specifications of the screen. Double check to ensure that the maximum weight listed on the TV wall mount is at least 10% more than the weight of your set. The last thing you need is losses resulting from buying a TV mount that cannot support the weight of your flat panel. Your TV flat screen is quite expensive you therefore need to make sure that it is protected. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

VESA mounts

This is a common rating standard that is known as the FDMI. It indicates the distance between the holes on the mount. The holes always need to match with the holes at the back of your flat panel. If these holes do not mount, then you will not be able to attach the TV because the holes may be too far apart or too close together. Ensure that the holes on your mount match those on your TV set. Even if you have to manually measure them when you go out shopping. You may also choose to buy universal mounts that have adjustable hole configurations and will fit any television.

#1. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

tv wall mount, VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for most 25inch-55inch LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 with Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm

TVs are becoming a common style of improving the style of your home. With the current technological development, people are investing in bigger screens to enhance visibility.  Therefore, you will require ensuring that your TV is safe and positioned at a place where everyone will have a clear view. However, finding the ideal style of placing your screen can be a little difficult if you don’t have the right connections. If this is your worry, then this VideoSecu articulating mount is all you need to solve your puzzle.

It has 4 removable mount adapters that can be adjusted to meet specific specifications for your TV. The heavy gauge steel construction guarantees that your screen will be safe once you mount it on. However, you must ensure that the TV set has a weight capacity of at least 88lbs to ensure safety is not compromised.

With this TV wall mount, you have the freedom of tilting your TV to various directions and angles to improve your viewing. Additionally, it offers 20-inch angle viewing extension, 180 degrees of swivel and TV adjustment placement. If you buy this mounting set, you will enjoy a bonus of 6” 3-Axis magnetic bubble level and 10 ft HDMI cable.

Buy on Amazon.com


  • Durable construction
  • Saves you space
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy gauge steel material


  • Not suitable for screens beyond 88lbs

#2. PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Dual Articulating Arm


A good TV wall mounting bracket eases planning and provides decor in the house. It also provides the security you need for your set. If you have kids in the house, the bracket will guarantee that the TV will not be at danger of their games. The universal design makes it accommodating to any TV set you have.

Additionally, this bracket has a heavy gauge construction style that makes it strong and durable. The material selection is top notch to ensure it hold the weight of your unit perfectly without sagging or bending to the sides.

If you are wondering if it will fit for the size of your TV, stop stressing yourself. If your TV set ranges between 37” – 70” and weighs approximately 132lbs, this is the best choice. It also allows you to tilt your TV to various angles to ensure you have clear visibility all the time.

Buy on Amazon.com


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Saves space
  • Adjustable optimal viewing
  • 5-year warranty
  • Durable construction


  • When changing angles you will have to adjust the knobs too

#3. Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall MountThis ideal bracket mount will work with all major TV brands. It has a quality design that will accommodate various weights and different TV sets from 32” -65” sets. The mount has a unique universal sharp that will perfectly fit to numerous sharps from different brands. With this wall mount, it will be easy for you to watch your favorite show comfortably in your home. It also eliminates the possibilities of your TV falling due to pulling and pushing.

If your home has wooden walls, it will still get the same exceptional results. The brackets can perfectly fit to wooden walls ranging between 16” – 24”. Therefore, you will not have to modify or vacate your original home to enjoy the services of this TV mounts. Once you have your brackets on, you can tilt your set to the angles you need for exceptional and personalized viewing. After installing, the bracket allows you up to 3-degrees rotation adjustments.

Buy on Amazon.com


  • Multiple rotation adjustments
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient for heavy set mounting
  • Durable construction material


  • It gets loose fast hence tilting the TV forwards

#4. VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount BracketFixing a mounting bracket can be a difficult task it may require more than one man to get it right. However, if you make the right purchase, you will find the task interesting and easy even if you don’t have extra hand for help. Once mounted in the right way, it can perfectly support TVs from 23” -75”. However, you must ensure that the back of your TV has the right holes with accurate spacing to fit in the brackets.

Its made using heavy gauge steel material, which guarantees longevity and safety for your TV. Additionally, the material stability ensures that the bracket is able to withstand high weights. It also comes with HDMI cable, magnetic bubble level and mounting hardware. This makes it easy for you to mount and set the brackets to the right angles based on your specific needs.

Buy on Amazon.com


  • Easy to install
  • Strong construction material
  • Durable design
  • Convenient for all TV brands


  • Slightly expensive compared to others on the market

#5. Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket

Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Give yourself an opportunity to experience quality in your favorite TV show by investing in this wall mounting brackets. It gives you the freedom to adjust the angles of your TV to any directions you want. In other words, you will have the ability to adjust the TV to specific angles to meet your personal comfort. It comes with HDMI cable and magnetic bubble level, which enhance the quality of signal you receive especially as you watch your favorite show.

The set comes with all the necessary mounting hardware to keep the installation activity simple and straightforward. Additionally, with these brackets, you can install and mount your TV at any way including wooden walls.

Buy on Amazon.com


  • Easy to install
  • Convenient for both wooden ad masonry walls
  • Durable and strong
  • Adjustable tilting angles


  • Slightly expensive compared to others

Types of wall mount brackets

Mounting your TV on the wall not only enhances your viewing, it also saves on space. If you are buying a fat screen TV, you need to consider mounting it on the wall. There are various types of wall mounts that you need to buy. Some are fixed in one place while others can be moved freely to increase the viewing capabilities. Always make sure that you get a TV mount that is suitable for your television. Knowing the types of wall brackets will help you get the right one for yourself.

Low profile wall mount brackets

These are the easiest to install and are usually the least expensive. The installation procedure is almost similar to that of hanging a huge picture on the wall. However, the ease of installation comes with its consequences. You cannot adjust the TV after it is installed. These do not move up of down. Therefore when changing cables, you have to remove you TV from the wall, change the cables then re-attach the flat panel to the brackets.

Tilting wall mount brackets

Compared to low profile brackets, these cast a little more. However, they are just as basic. Their main difference is that they can be adjusted for vertical viewing angles when you tilt the wall mount. It usually comes with a pivot that makes it possible for users to get the best viewing angle possible. You can therefore watch your TV whether you are standing on a ladder or laying on the floor. This feature also makes it easier for you to change cables because all you will need to do is tilt the wall mount bracket. Like most equipments, this one too has its disadvantages. The biggest demerit being that the tilt feature is limited and will not suit people who need a horizontal tilt.

Full motion wall mount brackets

Like their name suggests, these allow you to have a huge range or motion. There are a lot more expensive but they give you more functionality. In addition to being expensive, they are also difficult to install because it has moving pieces so you will need more people to help with the process. As far as motion is concerned, the main difference between full-motion and the tilting brackets these can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. All you have to do is move the flat panel from the wall. This is mainly because the moveable arm will connect the flat panel to the wall. You can therefore extend it from the way and swivel it on the axis for an angle you want.

Ceiling mount brackets

If your walls, for some reason cannot handle the flat panel, consider mounting it on the ceiling. These are attached to the ceiling. Their main advantage is that they can tilt and rotate to whatever angle a user needs. These are perfect for people who have issues with space. Their major problem is that they are not easy to install so you may need to hire a professional to guarantee proper installation.

Ultra thin

If you are having space issues, you may want to consider ultra thin mounts. These keep your TV very close to the wall while they are available in tilting styles, it will be difficult to change the cables.

Cantileer mount

These are also known articulating mounts. They are retractable and are attached to the wall bracket.  They allow a wider range of motion. The tv can be pulled away from the wall and swiveled to the right or left. It is perfect for people who want to watch the TV from various rooms in the home.


Just because you do not have a flat screen tv it does not mean that you cannot enjoy mounting it on the wall. These are meant to work with CRT models instead of flat panels. The TV will sit on a shelf and it will be supported by an arm that is attached to the ceiling or the wall.

Things to consider before choosing to mount your TV

At a glance, mounting your television is a great idea. You get to save on floor space. It is also a great way to ensure that the television is high enough for everyone in the room to see it. Before you do so however, there are several things you have to consider:

Is there enough space for everything?

The first thing you need to think about is whether there are devices hooked up to your unit. These devices include cable boxes, game console and DVRs. If there are, you need to figure out where you will place these so that their cables will reach the TV as they should. A great solution to this problem is getting a floating shelving unit and placing it under your television. You can also put a bookshelf under the TV and store all those devices there. The cords can go behind the shelf through a drilled hole at the back.

Can you conceal the cords?

Your home always needs to look spectacular. Cords hanging around and criss-crossing will not help you get the aesthetics you need. If you are not planning to plug just open device to your TV, you need to find ways to conceal the cords either by yourself or by a professional. Here are a few things you can do

  • Install a power outlet behind the TV so the cords to not dangle
  • But a cord-concealer that will cover your cords
  • Mount all your devices directly over the television

Is your wall strong enough?

Before you think about mounting your television, you need to find out whether your wall or ceilings can hold it. The good news is that most flat panels are extremely light. The wall that the TV will be mounted will be fitted with studs that will anchor the screws.  You can use a stud finder to figure out whether your wall has studs. Be careful because the drywall anchors will get pulled through the dry wall. This will eventually cause your TV to fall to the floor and possibly get damaged. If the wall that you need does not have a stud, you may have to rearrange your living room and find another wall that has a stud where you need it. Alternatively, opt to mount your TV on the ceiling.

Get the right tools

Before you mount the television on the wall, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Ensure that you have a drill bit that is about the same size as the mounting screws, screwdriver bit, a stud finder and a drill. If you do not have the tools needed, you may want to rent or buy them before you embark on the wall mounting project.

What angles are most important?

You need to consider the angle before you mount your television set. If you are going to be angling your TV depending on what angles you prefer. With an adjustable mount you can move the television to any angle you want.


If your cables will be at the back of the TV, ensure that the mount you buy has the ability to telescope outward. This movement will ensure that you have access to the back for easy changing. This is especially important if you are a person who will add new devices. The last thing you want to have to change the cables every time you need to change the cables.

You should not mount your TV above your fireplace

While most people think that mounting your television set over the fireplace is a great idea. Well, it is not. There are serious issues that are associated with the placement.  If you will be watching the TV occasionally, that can be achieved. However if the main TV is going to be watched several times, this is something that should concern you. The problem is not with small issues like finding studs on the wall above the fire place, and how you are going to run the cables to the TV. These can easily be fixed. However there are bigger issues that include:

The viewing angle

If you do not like sitting front row at a movie theatre, then you will not enjoy the placement. There is an uncomfortable pain that you feel if you have to constantly look up at the screen for extended periods of time. Some people may not have the same issue but if you do, you may want to find another place to mount your unit to ensure you are comfortable while watching. Most people would prefer looking slightly down to watch rather than look at a natural position.


If yours is an LCD TV, you have to know that they look worse when you look straight on. Changing even a few degrees below the centerline will  make the images look profoundly different that what they look like on the axis. If you still want to try mounting it above your fireplace, you may want to find a mount that has the ability to swivel the TV downwards. This is the only to ensure that you achieve excellent picture quality. All other TV sets have screen filters like Louvre which are designed to dim the images when users are viewing at an extreme vertical angle.

Soot and heat

For your electronic products, heat is their worst enemy, after water of course. Increasing the operating temperatures of the TV will shorten its longevity significantly. Even worse, the soot produced by the fire can get into the TV ad damage it even sooner. If you never really use your fireplace, then it is okay to put your TV there, otherwise, it is a place you should never consider mounting any electronic.

How to mount your TV

Finally, you have managed to make your dream TV a reality and its now in your quarters. However, the big problems you are facing are getting the right viewing angles and maintain your comfort. In such instances, you will need to invest in wall mount brackets. This will help keep your lifetime investment safe as well as enhance your visibility. However, not all the mounting brackets are suitable for your TV. Therefore, you must ensure to put in consideration several factors to help you pick the right wall mounts. Before you settle for any set, there are a few steps you must consider

Weight capacity

Your wall mount should vary depending on the size of your TV. Although different companies design universal mounts that can fit various sizes, it is essential to look in its ability. Once you are sure that your TV set is within the required weight capacity, they you are free to start the installation process. Additionally, you must ensure that the screw holes at the back of the TV are a perfect match for the brackets you have.

Mounting Procedure

  • Start by screwing or fitting the mounting arms at the back of your TV. At this point, you must ensure that the screws are not extremely tight neither are the screws too long. This way, you will eliminate the risks of damaging or loosening your monitor. If your plan is to mount the set beyond the eye level, the kit has optional 5-degree mount plates that you can use.
  • Ensure that the plates have half tight security screws at each end of the bracket before attaching to the wall. This will allow you the freedom of turning the monitor to the angles you want.
  • Now it’s the time to level your wall mounts. Start by screwing the top bolts then the bottom. However, you must ensure that your mounts are evenly placed before you start to tighten the bolts. Additionally, you must be careful when doing this to avoid over tightening.
  • Put in all the decorations if your brackets come with any, and screw them in position. Then, connect all the necessary TV wires.
  • Finally find an extra hand to help you lift and guide the screen in place. Before letting your monitor go, ensure that its resting securely on all the rails.

However, you must ensure to follow all the steps keenly to avoid making a mistake that may cost you a lot. If your wall mounts are correctly placed, you will be sure that the monitor is secure and you can adjust into several angles confidently.

The best position for your TV

The most complicated thing is to measure the right position to fit your monitor. With the current home constructions, you may not have to do all the calculations by yourself since the builders will identify a place for you.  However, if your house has an old construction style, you must therefore do the calculations for perfect viewing.

Before you start installing your wall mounts, its important to consider the size of your TV and where the action takes place. The center of your screen should be directly at the eye level since this is the focal place of the screen.

However, several factors will make the eye-level to change from one place to the other. Your height, the seat, cushions and of course, the size of your screen is among the key factors.

For you to get it right, the best way is doing some trial and error calculations. The center of the screen is approximately 10 inches from the bottom of the screen. You may either recruit friends to lift and shift the TVs position as you seat on your favorite spot. Another easy way is drawing a rough image of your monitor on a piece of paper (the same size as the monitor) stick it to the wall using clipboards. Move it from one place to another until you find the place where you are confident. Once you get your spot, mark the wall and start the installation procedure.

Remember, all you want is to attain comfort as you view your favorite TV show. Therefore, you should not deeply concentrate on the figures, but rather the comfort of the entire household.


With all the information on this article, you can get the best viewing angle, choose the best mount and find the most appropriate wall in your home to mount the TV set. Like with most things you will buy, the best TV mount will vary depending on your needs. However, with enough research and a little bit of experience, you can find one that will serve you for years. Such will keep your home spacious, aesthetically pleasing and it will protect your TV from breaking into pieces due to poor support.

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