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by Alice Roberts

Qube tents are a new ‘one of a kind’ quick pitching modular camping tents that can be set up in under 2 minutes and with a universal tunnel you can connect them (two or more) together to build your own unique camping set up. The tents set up via internal poles that unfold and pop the square shelter into shape. After setting up one of the tents, the next can easily connect. They fit together at the corners. Inside, campers can walk between the rooms.
According to the manufacturing company, you can easily stand up in the tents across the entire range from the 2 persons to the 4 persons, and are quite easy to pack down as they are to set up so you won’t need to be an expert to bring them down. This product aims at the family that wants a little privacy between “rooms.” Plunk it near your parking spot, set up some tables and a fire pit, and let a weekend of good times roll around your mini-village.
1.Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent, Orange, 4 Person
All reviews made by actual buyers and users of this tent speak for themselves!
You’ll definitely be wowed at how easy it is to transport your gazelle tent! This is an easy 90 second set-up. It sets up and takes down in under 90 seconds literally!
The Gazelle camping tent can spaciously sleep up to four people, standing 78 inches tall and featuring 61 square feet of floor space
For shelter from the elements, the attachable rainfly can easily be fixed.
The tent connects to the corner roof receptor poles and snaps on in seconds
Unlike other tents, gazelle tents are extremely are easy to figure out, built with not so complicated components and offer far more interior space.
It is constructed from durable polyester and features six removable tight-weave mesh windows.
Unique to the Gazelle hub tent is its removable floor, which allows you to shake out dirt and sand with ease.
Regardless of whether you’re camping, going to an overnight outdoor, or setting up a clubhouse for your children, nothing beats the Gazelle hub tent.


2.Eskimo Quickfish Ice Fishing Series, 2-3 Person
By the image above, you can tell that packaging is simple so should the carrying be.
The feature I’ve found most interesting about this tent are the 4 big windows (detachable by choice) that let a good amount of light and air into the tent. If you don’t like too much light, worry not, the windows are easily removable.
The tent is a two-person shelter without a strain.
If you’re looking for portable shelter that is also easy to set up and carry even in the boot of your vehicle, this is the one for you.
The material is a plus when it comes to containing the heat from the day sun at night, hence no worries about feeling the night chills.
The fabric is denier ice tight fabric with a 59 percent higher thread count vs comparable shelters.

3.Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay
The Ice Cube is more than capable of blocking out the heaviest of winds.
The versatility of this Ice Cube fishing shack goes way beyond fishing and is often used as a tent replacement.
With the six anchors and the large skirt, you won’t have to worry about whatever amount of crazy wind. Its super tough and strong.
It has a large enough fishing area for up to 3 persons, but once you have gear and chairs inside, it might be better suited to 2 persons.
The good thing with this portable ice house is the height which is more than enough for taller adults to stand, and the doors are a decent height to allow entrance without stooping too much.
Blackout coating ensures the light stays out unless YOU want it in. It also helps to retain heat inside the tent in a cold weather. Hook and loop fastened windows are easily adjustable and replaceable
4.Tangkula Pop-up Ice Shelter
Of all fishing tents, this is by itself an eye catching tent with all its impressive features built to make you comfortable.
The tent contains inbuilt bags to help you keep small items in order.
The tent holds a high capacity of 8 people, well compared to other fishing tent capacities of 2 to 4 persons.
Has Detachable Ventilation Windows & Carry Bag Frost Resisting Oxford Fabric Zippered Door.
The tent is waterproof eliminating the problem that comes with water dripping into your tent area.
Its light, hence easy to assemble as well as transport.
The tent is weather resistant meaning you can enjoy having it at any time of the year, over all seasons.
Antifreeze PVC films let you enjoy the sun while in the tent.
To say the least, the tent is comfortable accommodation.

5.Eskimo Evo Ice Fishing Series
This is the larger of two shelters in the new categories of shelters produced by Eskimo. It provides the speed and portability of a flipstyle shelter as well as space and comfortability.
EVO’s lightweight design and smaller collapsed footprint make loading, unloading and transporting these shelters simple.
Not only do EVO crossover shelters offer twice the fishable area of similar flip shelters, the tall front end gives you more height for hook sets.
It has two seats and plenty of room for an additional folded chair. These chairs slide in and collapse making room for the rest of the shelter to collapse, fold and pack in its bag.
The black insulated roof and black panel material help absorb and hold heat as well as reducing condensation

6.Tangkula Pop-up Ice Shelter 2-Person with Detachable Ventilation Windows, Zippered Door & Carry Bag Frost Resisting Durable Oxford Fabric Waterproof Portable Ice Fishing Tent Shanty, Black
Its sturdy construction not only brings you a reliable and durable using experience, but enables you a safe use with its waterproof and frost resistant features.
Easy assembly, disassembly and transportation will surpass your expectation, which totally wipes out your installation annoyance allowing you to enjoy setting up in a few minutes and proceeding to your main agenda without time wastage.
Can easily fit 2-3 people and contains windows that allow light in but keep the air out, perfect for couples or families to have it. It is a comfortable accommodation as an ice shelter for you while fishing outside.
It is a high-quality kind for durable and long-lasting use.
The tent contains 4 detachable windows.
Due to its overall black color, the pop-up Ice Shelter holds heat pretty well.
7.Goplus Portable Ice Shelter Pop-up Ice Fishing Tent Shanty w/Bag and Ice Anchors Red
Our new brand Ice fishing Tent is made out of tough 300D oxford fabric that keeps the cold out allowing you to fish comfortably.
It comfortably holds 2 (or 3) people with ample fishing room.
Two layers of the window in oxford and transparent PVC, if you want to be hermetic, just install these two layers, if you want to allow light in but keep the air out, just install the transparent PVC one, but if you need to ventilate, just detach the windows.
Besides, Portable design well fits into a bag for easy carrying on your back.
Waterproof nature with sturdy oxford fabric covering all over the body, which sguarantees you a waterproof using experience and also minus 30℉ Frost Resistance surely doubles your joy in outdoor activities.


8. Ice Cube Two Man Instant Shelter by ThunderBay

The tent is very light in the making it easy to transport and assemble.
Though light, it’s sturdy, heavy-duty design that will keep you very warm despite heavy winds.
The design with the large windows for light and ventilation is a plus.

The fiberglass poles are replaceable, has durable cast aluminum hubs, and rugged 300 denier fabric with extra heavy duty zippers.
It includes six self-tapping ice anchors, and a carry bag for shelter and accessories.

The tent is very durable and will work season after season with o frustrations.
Only drawback with the tent is that the doorway is small with boots & heavy gear.

9. Elkton Outdoors Portable 3-8 Person Ice Fishing Tent with Ventilation Windows and Carry Pack, Ice Fishing Shelter Includes Tent, Carry Pack, Ice Anchors and Storage Compartments
Sets up and breaks down in only seconds! Simply follow the 30 second setup instructions and start fishing!
The included carry bag was designed to make packing easy! Made with an extra wide opening and draw string top and paired with adjustable backpack straps for easy transportation.
It is built with durable material and a water tight tarpaulin seal to ensure your Ice Fishing Tent stays warm and dry during your fishing trip!
The four ventilation pockets located on the roof of the tent allows for you to control the airflow inside the tent based on the direction of the wind to ensure you remain comfortable and avoid overheating.
The multiple storage pockets along with the additional overhead storage compartment allows for easy access to essential items while keeping them out of the way!

10. Tangkula Pop-up Ice Shelter 4-Person with Detachable Ventilation Windows & Carry Bag Frost Resisting Oxford Fabric Zippered Door Waterproof Portable Ice Fishing Tent Shanty, Blue

This tent is a brand and and high quality tend that can comfortably fit 4 people with ample fishing room.
Contains 4 detachable windows that allow light in but keep the air out.
It contains strong flexible poles that make the tent easy to assemble and easy to tear down according to a clear instruction. It aims to wipe out your annoyance of installation, which perfectly saves your time and efficiency.
Easy to put away and contains a bag in which it fits and can be easily carried.
With sturdy oxford fabric covering all over the body, it guarantees you a waterproof using experience and also minus 30°F frost resistance design surely doubles your joy in outdoor activities.


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The total covered windows on the tent are detachable.


Qube Tents is a funky new tent brand launched in 2017 bringing modular camping to the next level!. The top most craving about camping which every camper and adventurous individual looks up to is escaping the confines and norms of a traditional and routine home to be closer to nature, experience every bit of relaxation and ease that comes with being in the wild or far from the city and at the same time doing it with our loved ones, family and friends.To add onto that, there’s something equally appealing about creating a sprawling structure out there large enough to pack in a bunch of friends and family and live like its home far away from home while still enjoying what nature has to offer. That’s the brilliance behind the new line of quick-pitching modular Qube Tents, which are designed to connect with one another so that you can easily set up a multi-room living situation while maintaining privacy between rooms meant for different groups of people anywhere off the grid. Any amount of Qube tents are connectable to suit your needs and desirable outlook. Each tent in the lineup – whose models large enough for two, three, four, five and upto 8 adults(depending on the type) — can be assembled in under two minutes, and is eight feet tall(pretty high compared to other models of normal tents), meaning there’s enough room to comfortably stand up anywhere inside. Their most unique and improved feature that lacks in normal tents is the “universal tunnel system,” which enables you to quickly fasten Qube Tents of any size to each other in the arrangement of your choice and create one large, interconnected multi-room space in which people can freely walk between the various pods. How impressive? Tre are the spaces in between every tent and doors in the entrance of each Qube tent,which gives users the freedom to enjoy privacy while in their own qube tents while still living within the same big family of the connected Qube tents. Apart from taking large group camping trips to a whole new level, Qube tents are by all means an obvious game-changer for music festivals or tailgates, where they could simultaneously function as the party spot, lounge, rest stop, and sleeping area. They’re equipped with a unique ventilation system to keep air moving, and also feature a special blackout window system that’ll prevent even a speck of sunlight from shining through if you want to keep things dark as night during the day.

There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing the right kind of tent for you. Personal preference, how many people will be using it, how much gear you’ll have, etc. Cube camping tents are popular right now because they offer so many benefits that regular pop up tents just can’t! Cube camping tents are gaining in popularity because of the amount of space the provide in comparison to regular tents. Qube brands allow for four or more people to sleep comfortably with their fabric walls. That means you can travel with a large group of friends, or your whole family comfortably!
Pros and Cons of having Qube tents
There are definitely a good number of advantages of Qube tents some seen in the above read about them.Having highlighted quite a lot about the new make of Qube tents, lets analyze the pros and cons of Qube tents to ensure we touch up on everything good and probably not so good about them.
Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Qube tents listed in line with every feature on them, design and usage of the tents.
o Cube camping tents are gaining in popularity because of the amount of space the provide in comparison to regular tents. Qube brands allow for four or more people to sleep comfortably with their fabric walls. That means you can travel with a large group of friends, or your whole family comfortably!
o Because of their sheer size, it doesn’t take a long time to figure out that you will need a rather large camping area. This means they won’t work all too well with camping on a cliff side, or in a dense woodland area.
2.Set Up and bringing down
o Almost all Qube camping tents will come with user instructions for setting up and tearing down your tent which are quite easy to follow practically and get done with the process within a short time. Stick to the plan and you’ll have your cube tent up in no time!
o Having a large group of campers will mean you’ll have so much room to sleep in that the cube tents to be connected might have to be quite a number. You’ll be able to receive help from your friends and family in setting up and bringing down your cube tent.
o Most of these good quality cube tents will come with high-quality equipment and materials, therefore they tend to be incredibly sturdy and efficient.
o Placing your cube camping tent into an easy to its travel bag isn’t always easy after a camping session. There are a lot of moving parts, which sometimes leads to difficulty packing. Make sure to take your time and organize how you’ll repack your tent.
o This goes without saying that the more the Qubes to be connected, the more the time needed in setting up your cube tent and tearing it down will take some time. Without cooperation from the rest of the team, a lot of time can be wasted, making you have a less the expectation of your camping experience.


o Luckily, Qube tents mostly come with a very portable, easy to carry bag which can be carried easily when packed well in it.
o This makes them easy to carry.

o Cube camping tents can be both easy and troublesome to travel with, depending upon the brand.
o With a huge group of people, the tents needed to be carried will be too many, posing a challenge in transportation.



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